Onkoshi Camp


The celebrated Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s largest nature reserves. It scratches at the 23,000 square kilometre mark and protects both vast savannah and bush land.


The wildlife diversity is overwhelming and the perfect base camp to experience it all is the luxurious Onkoshi Camp, scenically located on a peninsula on the fringe of the Etosha Pan, the depression left by a former lake.


Transfers to the Onkoshi Camp are usually arranged via the Namutoni Camp. Both of the refined read more » Etosha camps are part of the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Group. The Onkoshi Camp is the 2007 addition to the group’s three other camps in the national park.


Onkoshi nestles far off the beaten path in an exceedingly quiet setting. Relish the dramatic sunsets, the play of colours and the sensation of boundless freedom in the vast, open spaces.


The Onkoshi Camp defines luxury not only as an intense nature experience in a pristine setting, but also more traditionally: Indulge in the camp’s sophisticated creature comforts.


Onkoshi offers only fourteen guest chalets plus a Honeymoon Chalet. Beautifully designed and private, the graceful units rest atop raised wooden platforms. Natural materials, a balanced colour scheme and local arts and crafts create a wonderful ambience.


A primary concern at the Onkoshi Camp is sustainability. Given the beneficial climate, electricity is mostly produced by solar panels. The Onkoshi Camp in the Etosha National Park – An unforgettable Namibia experience!


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The Onkoshi Camp on the fringe of the Etosha Pan in the national park of the same name was completed as recently as 2007. It is the most recent addition to the Namibia Wildlife Resort’s chain.


Onkoshi read more » was created with the idea to find a place far off the beaten path, a secluded location that offers pristine nature experiences and supreme privacy. Come and see the amazing result with your own eyes! The Onkoshi’s fifteen graceful chalets are furthermore exceedingly comfortable.


One of the units is a Honeymoon Chalet equipped with a generously large king-size bed. The other units are equipped with two beds each as well as a couch that may sleep a child. Please note that only children six years and older are permitted at the camp.


All of the guest units rest neatly atop raised wooden platforms that command a stunning view out over the Etosha Pan stretching towards the distant horizon.


The interior is separated from this sundeck and viewing platform by two large panorama glass doors. You may even enjoy the scenery from inside your chalet! The interior has been tastefully furnished and decorated with select African art.


The Onkoshi Camp’s general facilities include a restaurant, a lounge, bar, beautiful infinity pool as well as a terrace to admire the stunningly colourful African sunsets with a refreshing sundowner in hand.


Open your senses to Africa’s stirring natural splendour. Inhale the musky air, listen to the sounds of the wilderness and let your eyes rest on the wildly beautiful surroundings!


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Let’s test your Oshivambo, the most commonly spoken language in Namibia: … Well, as you might have guessed, Etosha means as much as great, white, open place.


Vast 22,275 square kilometres large, read more » the Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia is the country’s most important nature reserve.


The Etosha Pan, 1000 metres above sea level, is really the depression left by lake that occupied the space many thousands of years ago. The Onkoshi Camp is located at the edge of the pan – an oasis of supreme peace and quiet for the human guests and a magnet for wildlife.


In a rainy year, the area attracts thousands of flamingos who wade through the few centimetres of water that quickly gather. However, a dry year also has its attractions: Admire the fata morganas created by the simmering air.


The Etosha National Park looks back on a 100-year history. And for the first time in all these years exciting night safaris are being offered. Enjoy an inspiring insight into the wildlife’s nocturnal behaviour.


Of course, classic daytime game drives are also being offered, mostly to the steppe in the north east of the Etosha Park. The tours generally leave in the early morning and late afternoon and, in contrast to the night tours, the daylight allows you to take crystal-clear pictures.


And when night cracks out a myriad of crystal-clear, blinking stars, take a walk out onto the Etosha Pan with your arm tightly wrapped around your loved one and cherish the special moment.


The diversity of the Etosha National Park has become legendary: Trained guides and trackers will, with just a little luck, help you to spot elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat.


The Onkoshi Camp is the perfect basis for exploring these pristine surroundings. Brimming with new impressions, return to your comfortable camp to settle down with a glass of wine, reviewing the photos and replaying the day’s events in your mind!


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