Diving in the best spots worldwide

Most people who have experienced the feeling of weightlessness when diving and who have discovered some of the breathtaking worlds beneath the surface of the water remain enchanted by the idea of diving. Some members of our consulting team have also "fallen under the spell" of this enchantment and are always "prepared to" test and try out some new diving spot. Diving has long since ceased to be the preserve of  lone adventurers - year on year, hosts of holidaymakers are drawn to the diving destinations of the world, especially the waters of the Maldives and the South Seas.

But the coasts of Africa also offer spectacular diving experiences, especially encountering the king of the seas, the great white shark. Or travel with us to the undiscovered Quirimba archipelago off the coast of Mozambique. Virtually undiscovered reefs with an intact world of coral and a breathtaking variety of fish (over 37 new fish species have been discovered here since 2004) - the Quirimbas are already being marketed as one of the top diving destinations in Africa.

On the following pages, INTOSOL presents a selection of high quality diving destinations and hotels. Here too, the INTOSOL motto "class not mass" applies. Newly discovered spots with some of the reefs untouched and extraordinary diving experiences that include encounters with the last living dugongs - we know from our own experience what makes a diver's heart beat faster. We are happy to devise individual programmes and combinations for you, take care of your diving equipment and book your diving packages in advance, so that you don't have to think about anything when you're there. Apart from the diving, of course. We are happy to offer detailed advice on our diving locations and to pass on our own experiences and impressions. Describing all the places and all the possibilities would take up more space than we have on this page. Even at this early stage, we'd like to wish you a good trip and "Happy diving!"

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