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With an area of around 30 mio square kilometres, Africa is around three times as big as Europe and – at the same time one of the most versatile continents of the planet.With its typical savannahs with the nameless wildlife, to the breath-taking shores, along the famous Gardenroute, the deserts (The Sahara in the North, Kalahari and Namib in the South) to the modern metropolis as Cape Town – Africa has a lot to offer! The stunning diversity reveals in the amazing mixture of cultures and the undescribable beauty of nature.


View the Big 5 and other African animals at very close distance whilst taking part in a Safari and enjoy the awesome views in the endlessness of the savannah. Forget about stress of your daily life and experience an exclusive trip on the Black Continent. Numerous peoples, tribes, and outstanding personalities have left their marks on this challenging continent. Meet the Massai in Eastern Africa or visit the Himba in the North of Namibia. Learn and see their lives which is strongly connected to the nature they live in.



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Enjoy the wide spread offer of accommodation which meets all wishes one may possibly have. INTOSOL takes care that all accommodation represent a socially and ecologically low-impact tourism. Instead of mass-tourism, INTOSOL arranges individual travels off the beaten tracks. The accommodation are engaged in local, social projects to protect flora and fauna, they use solar energy and do strong efforts to be environmental friendly in any circumstance. INTOSOL is proud to have more than 12 years of experiences in Africa and offers you individually designed luxury travels in Africa which you will keep in your mind for a very long time, promised!


Our specialists for Africa know the country, lodges and camps personally. In a personal and qualified counselling interview, we find out about you individual wishes and expectations, and provide advice for your trip of a lifetime. Further you’ll get your individual proposal for your circular trip as an impressive VIRTOSOL- multimedia presentation. Probably you have the wish to do some amendments of your trip, we will do it for you because we want you to have your trip of your lifetime.

INTOSOL is very much looking forward to make your trip to this beautiful country, the cradle of mankind, real. No matter what – hired car, private guide or probably a flight safari - Speak with us – we will arrange your trip of your lifetime!

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