Refined Luxury in Rwanda – Holidays amidst a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a country with a turbulent history and a place of stunning beauty with many hidden treasures. At the heart of the East African country lies the capital Kigali with approximately a million inhabitants. The modern metropolitan infrastructure, countless sights and attractions as well as the mild climate year-round draw an increasing number of visitors. Certainly, Kigali is the country’s cultural hub. Kigali features vast and lively markets, the most famous being the Kimironko market. The history has not been forgotten: a monument has been erected for the victims of the genocide. However, today, crowded bars and restaurants are filled with life and laughter. A recommendation also goes to the numerous small churches and mosques. The daily life takes its course. Nevertheless, you may remember the terrible Rwanda genocide in 1994 that cost hundreds of thousand lives. It is still being remembered. Arts, crafts, poetry and statues give testimony. The most famed and fabled hideout for the hunted Tutsi people was the Hotel Mille Collines. A movie has been made about the historic events. Certainly a troubled country in the past, Rwanda is full of unbridled creativity and vitality. Visit one of the many art galleries to lay your finger on the pulse of the modern movements. Rwanda has made quite a name for itself in the culinary scene: Traditional Rwandan specialities prepared to perfection treat the taste-buds to a surprising variety of aromas and exotic spices. A stay in Kigali is more than a necessary stepping stone to visit Rwanda’s national parks. Doubtlessly, Rwanda’s outstanding attraction is the gorilla trekking the Volcanoes National Park. The national park is named with regard to the five volcanic complexes lending the park its distinguishing landscape, among others the Visoke, the Karisimbi and the Muhabura. Originally, the Volcanoes National Park formed a mayor part of Africa’s first: the celebrated Albert National Park that existed in that form until the Congo became independent. The Volcanoes National Park offers unique nature experiences! It is home to the remaining free gorilla troops. It was here that Dian Fossey conducted her studies and wrote her famously unsettling reports on the rapid destruction of these fascinating creatures’ natural habitat in addition to the threat through poachers. It is greatly due to her great dedication and to her life’s work “Gorillas in the Mist” that the remaining habitat is strictly protected today – allowing you the chance to spot the magnificent gorillas hiding deep in the forest. Approximately three hundred of the endangered gorillas still inhabit the highland forests. Four of the family troops tolerate the proximity of visitors. Their strong smell, rustling trees and their attentive faces on the lookout are the first signs that you have finally found the gentle giants after a long and strenuous ascent. The young may approach you surprisingly fearless, full of playful curiosity. Mothers take tender care of the new-borns and a massive silverback keeps its watchful eyes on its family. The primates’ social behaviour is instinctively familiar. Their eyes are deep and captivating. An experienced guide aides you in getting close in a respectful fashion -hopefully close enough for a perfect picture. It is a lifetime experience! Please note that the gorilla trekking is 100% recommended but limited by the number of concessions granted. The Volcanoes National Park, however, offers a series of beautiful hiking trails exploring the pristine tropical forests. Explore the nearby, glittering lakes or deep and fascinating cave systems – highlights in every Rwanda itinerary! Rare bird species and equally rare Golden monkeys may be found high up on the volcanos’ slopes. It will be a pleasure for the experienced INTOSOL travel consultants to provide more information and tailor an unforgettable Rwanda holiday to your specifications! We are looking forward to your call!
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RWF (Rwanda-Franc)

Time zone

MEZ +1

Flight duration

12 - 13 hours


French, English, Kinyarwanda


Gorilla Trekking in the Volcanoes National Park

Best season

year-round, dry-season: June - September and Decembre - February


Kigali International Airport (KGL)


"Land of a Thousand Hills" - lush forests, massive volcanoes and last wild gorillas


gorilla trekking, hiking

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