Namibia –

- Land of Contrasts -

Deep blue sky, glowing red sand dunes, gleaming white clay pans and soot black petrified trees – Namibia offers stark contrasts and rich impressions like hardly any other country. A holiday in Namibia touches the soul, inspires the mind and settles in the memory. Spanning across more than 800,000 square kilometers, Namibia is larger than Great Britain and France combined. Despite this vast expanse of countryside, only 1.5 million people inhabit Namibia.

A holiday in Namibia, first and foremost, introduces the visitor escaping the bonds of civilization to wide open spaces, infinite freedom and serene tranquility, especially in any of the vast desert regions. In the past Germany, Great Britain and South Africa administrated the country and left their marks on the young democracy. Only recently, in 1990, Namibia became independent and celebrates the event on the 21st of March. In the past 19 years, Namibia developed into a country proud of its heritage. These days, it shines with charming personality and distinctive character. Impressions of Europe, like typical German gable houses, blend with the colorful traditional dresses cheerful Herero women wear in the streets.

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Namibia’s pristine nature and unspoilt wilderness are a world of wonder. Observe an elegant giraffe crossing the Etosha salt pan or witness a gemsbok trudging up the soaring flank of one of the Sossusvlei’s red sand dunes.

A land of contrasts – keep you camera at the ready, enjoy, indulge, unwind and capture the magnificent moments on film. Namibia is also a fantastic safari destination, the Etosha National Park, housing particularly abundant and diverse wildlife, enjoys a superb reputation for its quality safaris. Another noteworthy safari destination is the Skeleton Coast. In spite of the wildlife being sparse, the harsh, bizarre landscape is awe-inspiring. Isolated waterholes nourish life in the tough environment and attract the well-adapted animals.

The Etosha National Park’s prolific wildlife, the Sossusvlei’s red dunes, the Damaraland and the Kaokoveld – these are the principal sights that bring scores of Africa adventurers to these magic lands. Small but comfortable camps and highly luxurious lodges accommodated the guests. Some are located in the most remote regions, catering for those who seek to discover the ancient Africa which is still unaffected by civilization.

Savour in the serene tranquility and mind-numbing remoteness. Rediscover your connection to nature and restore your inner balance.

Distances being enormous in Namibia, we advise our guests to travel by air from camp to camp to get the most out of limited time. Extended self-driving holidays are only recommendable if you stay for at least two weeks. Roads are not what they are in Europe or the US. Certainly part of the adventure, you may have to expect to change a tire once or twice. On a tight schedule, nothing beats the comfort of air travel: In the blink of an eye you arrive at your destination and enjoy the added value of appreciating the breathtaking landscape from a bird’s perspective. Especially a scenic flight above the Namib Desert’s sand dunes is an experience that will stick with you.

To pour more impressions into the mix, your holiday in Namibia can be combined with a trip to Botswana. The world-famous Okavango Delta and the thunderous Victoria Waterfalls are just a two hour’s flight away from Windhoek.

One day, you can glide down the lush, vibrantly green Okavango Delta in a Mokoro and the next day be standing in front of the Namib’s glowing red sand dunes – two completely contrasting experiences which are nevertheless equally beautiful. Another alternative is a trip down to Cape Town, South Africa. A two hour flight from Windhoek will drop you off in the multifaceted, bustling city which is well worth a visit!

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