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A lush Oasis off the beaten Track

Tropical, lush and green, 450 kilometres long and in places only 30 kilometres wide, the Caprivi Region in the north east of Nambia is one of Africa’s least developed tourism destinations. The remote and beautifully region is considered an insider’s tip among Africa enthusiasts. Far of the tourist-tread tracks, the lush nature is simply awe-inspiring and not restricted by fences or paved roads. The few camps are mostly situated in the scenic northeastern part of the Caprivi Region. The Kwando River marks the border with Botswana’s Linyanti Region. The Caprivi’s history is as interesting as its peculiar geometric shape. The narrow strip of land was named in honour of the German chancellor Leo von Caprivi who was in power in 1890. With the Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty England and Germany agreed to swap possession of Heligoland and Zanzibar. Island for island. As a bonus, Germany received the Caprivi Region. Around the year 1900, it was the Prussian minister of transport’s intention to connect Deutsch Südwest Afrika (Namibia) with Deutsch Ostafrika (Tanzania) by linking the two colonies with a railway track running the length of the Caprivi, thus the region’s peculiar shape. The Caprivi is Namibia’s most humid region. Many major rivers cut the land: the Okavango, Kwando and Zambezi to name just a few. Where there is water, there is wildlife. Consequently, the Caprivi sports one of Africa’s densest wildlife populations. Safaris are still authentic adventures in the Caprivi Region. The select camps guarantee superb safari experiences and pristine natural splendour. The wildlife roams the land unhindered by fences or artificial barriers. It is free to wander within the region and even across the border to Botswana. If Botswana’s Okavango Delta has lost its appeal to you because of its progressive tourism development, than the Caprivi featuring Africa in its purest form is your natural alternative. Despite the adventurous and widely undeveloped nature of the region, a number of comfortable lodges provide fine accommodation. INTOSOL has compiled a selection of the best lodging available in the region. Thanks to the lower concession fees, the camps are able to offer their services for a cost considerably lower than it is in the Liyanti Region and the Okavango Delta. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to this fascinating stretch of authentic Africa, far off the beaten track!
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Best season

April until November


light aircraft or car


green landscape




boat safari

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Intosol promise

  • Consulting by Caprivi Region experts
  • We know hotels personally and we advise you competently
  • Appropriate offices/ hotel products in Caprivi Region – "we are close"
  • Constant control of our service by own local employees
  • High quality service before, during and after your journey
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