Serra Cafema Camp


The exclusive Serra Cafema Camp features extraordinary accommodation in a spectacularly remote setting. Deep in Namibia’s far North, one of the world’s most arid regions, the Kunene River is an artery of pulsating life, its water supporting lush vegetation and wildlife.


The contrast of the lush river with the sun-baked desert landscape could not be more striking. Fortunately, modern civilisation never disgraced the area. The nomadic Himba tribes are the only population in the area. They have read more » inhabited the harsh region for as long as anyone can remember. The Serra Cafema Camp harmonically shares the land with this lively and hospitable people.


The remote location alone makes Serra Cafema special. In fact, the camp is so far off the beaten track that transportation to the camp is by small airplane only. Serra Cafema accommodates no more than 16 guests at a time and is situated closer to the Okavango Delta in Botswana than to the Namibian capital Windhoek.


The Kunene River is the rugged desert region’s only river that permanently carries water. It is a natural oasis for the wildlife, framed by a stunning background of mountain ranges and sand dunes.


Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to one of the world’s remotest regions and experience the stunning landscape and the Himba culture firsthand – a holiday you will forever fondly remember!


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Large Albida Trees cast welcome shade on the Serra Cafema Camp overlooking the Kunene River. Eight canvas, thatched-roof cottages have been constructed on raised platforms. Each unit includes en suite read more » bathrooms and highly luxurious facilities.


The cottages have been aligned so that the private verandas all command a magnificent view of the river. Especially the evening hours charm the visitor with their graceful flair. Settle down on the porch and indulge in the magic moments.


Not far from the camp, a series of small rapids stir up the water and fill the air with the calming sounds of the constantly flowing river. The atmosphere becomes irresistibly romantic, especially once the oil lamps lighting your chalet at night are lit.


Whenever you feel like loosing yourself in sweet reverie or in between the day activities, you can kick back and relax in the hammock, maybe with a good book in hand or simply to let your eyes rest on the majestic Kunene River.


A small swimming pool, a dining room and a small but well-stocked bar are part of the Serra Cafema Camp’s facilities. The camp’s atmosphere is very friendly and easygoing. Evenings are often spent around the campfire accompanied by animated chats, safari adventure stories and the one or other refreshing drink – the easy life in the desert!


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The most popular activities at the Serra Cafema Camp are game drives in all-terrain Land Rovers. Explore the breathtakingly beautiful landscape and track springboks, ostriches and elands. Another option read more » are boat trips down the Kunene River which afford you the opportunity to spot the Kunene Crocodiles.


The remote mountains and valleys lend themselves to anything ranging between a casual stroll and serious hiking. Serra Cafema Camp is frequently visited by Ovahimba families. Guests enjoy the great privilege of experiencing the age-old traditions and customs first-hand.


Do no miss the fast-paced quad bike tours that navigate the towering dunes west of the camp. They are both highly scenic and an adrenaline-pumping adventure! The most frequently spotted wildlife are the large herds of elands and springboks at Harman’s Valley. Crocodiles inhabit the Kunene River.


Three bird species are endemic to the area: the Cinderella Waxbill, the Rufous Tailed Palm Thrush and the Grey Kestrel. Many other Namibian bird species can be observed, occasionally even the rare Palm-nut Vulture. Furthermore, countless reptile species inhabit the region.


Let the African sun warm you skin, crush the hot sand between your toes and let us take you on a journey through this fantastic and exciting world!


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