Mowani Mountain Camp


Translated from the African dialect, Mowani means as much as “God’s place“. All those who have ever been lodged at the luxurious Mowani Mountain Camp can testify to the fittingness of the lodge’s name.


The beautifully designed hotel is framed by both the riverbed of the Huab and that of the Ugab River in the southern Damaraland.


The setting as it is would be beyond spectacular. To put the icing on the cake, the desert resort’s natural boundary are the giant boulders of the awe-inspiring read more » Twyfelfontein Nature Reserve.


Set atop a slight elevation, the camp grants a breathtaking view out over the ancient, rough-faced landscape characterised by the harsh desert, ragged mountain ranges and infinite, pristine wilderness.


The Mowani Mountain Camp’s designers studied this landscape and drew up a concept that allows the lodge to blend seemingly seamless with its natural environment.


Not only is the optical effect stunning, great store was also set by creating only a minimum ecological impact. Nature enjoys a top priority at the Mowani Mountain Camp.


The efforts paid off. An equal amount of care and loving attention to detail went into the design of the communal spaces which represent the layout and atmosphere of a traditional African village.


First and foremost, it is this remarkable blend of traditional African elements with European lifestyle that make a stay at the Mowani Mountain Camp a unique holiday experience rather than plain accommodation.


Twelve luxurious safari tents feature every comfort imaginable. The tents are set atop a wooden platform. This environment friendly building technique reduced the necessary earth moving to a minimum.


“God’s place” would not be complete without a typical African Boma and an inviting and beautifully-set swimming pool which is perfect for a refreshing dip to escape the desert’s heat.


In conclusion, both the landscape and the Mowani Camp fascinate. Stay at the Mowani Mountain Camp and you cannot help but start feeling a little divine yourself!


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Luxurious accommodation in a tent without compromising the guest’s ultimate comfort, all beneath the deep-blue African sky – these are the principles the Mowani Mountain Camp strictly follows.


The read more » spacious comfort tents’ design, which opens onto the striking landscape, reflects the authentic Africa in every detail. Natural materials contribute just as much to this effect as the exotic decoration does.


The style is harmonious and tasteful. The slightly tacky safari design, which unfortunately characterises many African lodges, was smartly avoided at the Mowani Mountain Lodge.


Hunting trophies are framed pictures of big game hunters posing over their kill are not to be found anywhere. The subtle grace of nature adorns the ambience. The colour scheme focuses on pastel sand and light brown hues which create a serene and tranquil atmosphere.


The combined sleeping and living area features a mini bar and a ceiling ventilator. The high standard the fine lodging sets with respect to comforts, amenities and tasteful design are also the baseline in the finely-appointed bathrooms.


Showers are framed by elegant stone ledges. The toilet is accommodated in a separate space. Incidentally, the lights are supplied with ecologically friendly energy produced by the Mowani’s solar panels.


The real highlight of your luxurious accommodation is the tent’s comfortable veranda which sports a breathtaking view of the ragged desert landscape. Settle down snugly, enjoy the scenery and perhaps the sunset with a steaming mug of tea or coffee or refreshment from you mini bar in hand.


What more could you possibly wish for? It is the perfect setting to relax, letting the impressions of an exciting day settle in your memory.


Apart from the luxurious tent suites, you can also choose to reside in one of the traditional African round huts. Open to all sides, the exceptional huts produce the inspiring feeling of being accommodated amidst the exotic nature.


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The Mowani Mountain Camp strikes a balance between intense nature experience and blissful relaxation.


Situated in the Twyfelfontein Nature Reserve, the luxurious camp is an ideal basis for guided hikes read more » and 4x4 excursions to the highly diverse Damaraland.


The sights and sites you may explore include attractions like the Burned Mountain or the Petrified Forest. Those who hike to the mountain’s peak are rewarded with a spectacular view of the entire Damaraland.


A panorama that can only be topped by the soaring height and serene tranquility a hot air balloon flight affords. The Mowani offers these exceptional excursions for a small surcharge.


Our recommendation is to book the balloon flight. It is a stirring experience to glide majestically above the harsh landscape below. Such an opportunity does present itself every day.


The historic and cultural highlight was crafted by the San Bushmen at Twyfelfontein. Dating back thousands of years, more than 2500 rock and cave paintings can still be clearly discerned today. A reminder of a time gone by and proof of ancient human history, the sites are not only of interest to archeologists alone.


Balance the exciting excursions with relaxation back at the Mowani Camp, preferably by the inviting pool which has been most beautifully hidden in between the giant boulders. Let the African sun caress you skin and sip a cocktail mixed to perfection.


The view the pool features is more than striking, God’s place includes God’s bath. Take a swim at Mount Olympus. The traditional boma with the central fireplace is the perfect setting to unwind at night, chat to the other guests and exchange safari experiences.


Needless to say, the restaurant’s excellent cuisine creates culinary art. The well-stocked bar complements the sensational gourmet dinners with cool drinks and much appreciated digestives.



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