Mnemba Island Lodge


Crystal-clear, turquoise water and a fine sand beach, so blindingly white it stings the eyes. Lush palm trees that gently sway in a warm tropical breeze and a small boat that merrily clips the waves of the Indian Ocean…


Time to wake up from a dream that is just too nice to be true? No, this is reality at the Mnemba Island Lodge set on the island of the same name. Forming part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, the picture-perfect island is the first choice for all those that seek fine comforts, and read more » serene tranquillity in an exclusive setting.


Framed by a coral atoll, the Mnemba Island is a piece of paradise of unsurpassed romantic flair. Furthermore, the small island is an insider’s tip among enthusiastic divers. Located just a few kilometres off Zanzibar’s northern tip, Mnemba is nevertheless a different world.


The Island Lodge is graced by style than can best be described with rustic elegance. The hotel’s well-designed facilities were constructed with natural materials, above all local stone and wood.


The Mnemba Island Lodge’s cuisine is equally appealing. Fresh seafood is provided by the Indian Ocean all around. Freshest fish in the hands of dedicated gourmet chefs … the delicacies served are scrumptious experiences!


On your request, a candlelight dinner can be arranged directly on the beach, with just the twinkling stars above for company. At lunchtime, light à-la-minute snacks are served open-air.


Whatever the ocean does not supply, is delivered on a daily boat from Zanzibar. Indulge in fresh, tropical fruit that are incredibly tasteful and come straight from the plantations on Zanzibar.


The Mnemba Island Lodge – an exceptionally destination, both graceful and luxurious. Everything is in place for a memorable holiday in Tanzania!


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Mnemba Island – stroll back to your luxurious accommodation, crunching the warm sand with your bare feet. One of only ten Bandas, a type of local cottage, will be your home away from home on this picture-perfect read more » island.


All of the ten Bandas are located directly on the beach. The units are generously spaced apart so that you will enjoy absolute privacy and intimacy. The flair of the island and the fine Mnemba Lodge is something magical, faintly reminiscent of golden days gone by.


Certainly, the rustic but elegant style contributes towards this exceptional ambience. Every detail has been thought of: the carefully designed colour scheme, shapes, materials and decorations. You Banda is a place to feel supremely comfortable at.


Indulge in the enchanting view your terrace commands and spent a few hours in sweet idleness. The Banda’s bathroom is inviting and elegantly decked out, the large and cosy beds promise sweet dreams to come.


The ceiling ventilator does not only lend a tropical flair to the room’s ambience but also sends a refreshing breeze blowing through your suite whenever the African heat becomes too oppressive.


Of course, there is also the Indian Ocean on your doorstep – perfect for a refreshing dip. Enjoy the warm and clear water; spend memorable moments on the beach at sunrise early in the morning, during a spectacular sunset or under a night sky filled with millions of twinkling stars.


The Mnemba Island Lodge is something uniquely special and INTOSOL is proud to present this refined accommodation option to you. Allow us to tailor the perfect holiday in Tanzania for you!


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Zanzibar received its exotic name from the first travellers that discovered this beautiful island paradise. In the 8th century, Arab merchants visited the island and quite simply and logically named it read more » “bar des zandj” – “the black man’s coast” in Arabian.


Today, where activities are concerned, the Indian Ocean is one of the chief attractions. Diving is one of the most popular activities on Mnemba Island, no matter whether you are an experienced pro or a novice with the desire to learn the art of safe diving.


Those interested in the underwater life without wanting to don serious diving equipment may discover the beauty below with a simple mask and snorkel. Of course, you may also decide to just go for a simple swim. The water is warm and welcoming no matter which activity sparks your interest.


Those who stay on Mnemba Island between July and September have the chance to witness a special event: At this time of year, large herds of Humpback Whales visit these waters. Observing the large mammals from up close is an experience that leaves a lasting impression.


With a little luck, you may also spot the world’s largest fish, the gigantic whale shark. Back on the island, the bird life is prolific, a playground for birding enthusiasts.


Then again, maybe you decide to turn your back on the world for a while and bury yourself in a good book from the lodge’s extensive library. A small souvenir shop sells a variety of portable memories and typical presents for your loved ones at home.


Spending you holiday at the Mnemba Island Lodge, a proud member of the CC Africa group, you are not just doing yourself a favour. CC Africa follows a philosophy that sets out uncompromising standards for protecting the natural environment and integrating the local population into the tourism production chain.


Most of the Mnemba Island Lodge’s employees live in the local communities. They receive fair wages and valuable training on the job. It is concept that will hopefully encourage others to follow the example.


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