Makakatana Bay Lodge

Makakatana Bay Lodge


This exclusive and private lodge with its unique flora and fauna is located on the border of the Greater Saint Lucia Wetland Park, hidden by beautiful vegetation.


It is the only accommodation you will find within the park. The lodge is in the middle of a forest, which expands all the way to the Saint Lucia Lake.


The architect wanted to make sure that the lodge fits harmonically into its environment. That’s why the entire Lodge is – just like Venice – build on stilts and adapts perfectly read more » to the surrounding nature.


The beautiful pool-terrace has a wonderful view of the environment and guest can relax here and observe various waterfowl.


Only 12 guests can stay at the lodge at the same time, that’s why a private and individual service is made sure for all our guests.


The rooms, the main building and the pool area are connected to each other with boardwalks. The pool is perfect refreshment after a long and exhausting safari-day and in the stylish lounge you can discuss all your experiences and adventures at a glass of selected wine.


There is also a TV available for all guests to watch important sport events and news from all over the world.


A small wine-cellar offers good wines for all guests. You will experience a wild-romantic atmosphere at dinner with bonfire at the open Boma.


That’s how style, comfort and nature should be combined.


There is a good possibility that you will see a hippopotamus or other animals on his way through the woods.


During the season, hundreds of pelicans and other birds come to the bay.


Be inspired by this natural and beautiful hideaway!


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The Makakatana Bay Lodge offers six suites for a maximum number of twelve guests.


All suites have an individual and elegant design and offer a separate bathroom with toilet, an open-air shower and read more » a private terrace.


Air-conditioning will make sure that you always sleep in comfortable temperatures. Mosquito nets on the doors will protect all tourists from unwanted guests.


You also have a separate change room available for additional comfort. Of course a telephone cannot be missing either. The mini-bar and the tea and coffee machine give you the opportunity to relax with a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink every time you want to.


For all romantics or honeymooner we have a special Honeymoon-Suite available. But that is all we will give away right now….


Because of the small guest number, a private and personal service has a totally different meaning.


The professional Makakatana Bay Lodge team will do everything to fulfill your individual wishes.


From the private terrace of your large and elegant suite you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake or the pool, which is located right next to the lake.


Big windows and terrace doors give these first-class accommodations a free and airy impression.


The entire lodge is built in a way to fit the surrounding nature perfectly.


For all “wild” romantic of our guests we recommend a shower at night under the clear starry South African sky. Experience the pleasing sound of water together with the noise of the wilderness… « show less


Guests of the Makakatana Lodge are in a truly idyllic location – from here you can get to know various things.


Beautiful beaches and impressing dunes, a huge lake area with a large number of birds, read more » as well as the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi national park with a variety of interesting plants and animals (for example the Big Five) offer all safari lovers an unforgettable experience.


A picnic excursion to the beach is very popular with our guests. By boat you will go directly from the Lodge to the other side of the lake. You will stop at a private beach, which is very wide and surrounded by the biggest dunes in the world.


Right here you can enjoy your picnic in the middle of a beautiful environment.


For all guests, who love to go for a long walk, we recommend a walk-safari. Together with an experienced guide you will discover the environment in about two or three hours.


The area around St. Lucia attracts Ornithologists again and again because of its rich and big bird variety.


You should not miss one of the boats or canoe trips, which you can undertake in the early mornings and late afternoon.


With a little luck you will see impressing animals like crocodiles or Saint Lucia hippopotamuses.


Or you can undertake a long drive in an open Landrover through the biosphere reserve. Here live more than seventy wildebeests, many giraffes and zebras that you can discover every day.


With a little luck you will see impressing elephants and white and black rhinoceroses. « show less