Lewa Safari Camp Laikipia


The luxurious Lewa Safari Camp is located just south east of the Laikipia district in North Central Kenya. It nestles amidst the private Lewa Conservancy that was founded more than twenty years ago as the first wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Today, the Lewa Conservancy has become a home for countless species, among others the Big Five. Experience one of the world’s most noteworthy protected areas – far from the track beaten out by mass tourism!


A cosy wooden cottage constitutes the Lewa Camp’s read more » main area. The cottage accommodates a large lounge furnished with a well-stocked library and comfortable sofas grouped around the fireplace. A beautifully kept garden provides plenty of shade in the hot, early afternoon hours.


A delicious restaurant, a bar and several fireplaces offer culinary delights, refreshing drinks and the setting for a relaxing spell accompanied by flickering lights. You may always choose whether you prefer to enjoy the meals in quiet solitude or with the other guests at the restaurant.


The sundeck commands a wonderful view out past the salt-water swimming pool and Laikipia’s wide-open plains beyond. In the distance, Mount Kenia towers above the surrounding landscape. The pool has been designed resembling a giraffe. Electricity is provided by solar panels supported by modern and efficient generators.


It is important to know that the Lewa Safari Camp is a non-profit organisation that reinvests its income into the Lewa protection programmes. In addition to the protection of the Black and White rhino, the local communities and villages receive active support. The Lewa Safari Camp has come to be known as a fine example for sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism. « show less


The Lewa Safari Camp offers its distinguished guests twelve luxurious ensuite safari tents. Ten units have been equipped with double or twin beds. The remaining two units are family tents. All of the Lewa read more » safari tents have been set on raised timber platforms that include a veranda and a Makuti roof.


The Tented Room have been comfortably and tastefully furnished: Natural stone and wood lend the ambience a wildly romantic flair. The bathrooms meet every modern-day standard. Electricity is available around the clock. However, you will surely understand that the solar energy is not sufficiently strong enough to power hairdryers.


At night, settle down by the campfire in front of your safari tent and listen to the crackling flames and the sounds of the wilderness all around. Only Mount Kenya blots out a few stars in the distance. The Lewa Safari Camp in the only camp in Kenya that is operated directly by the wildlife conservancy. « show less


The Lewa’s safaris are perfectly organised and celebrated for the quality of the information imparted by the KPGSA certified guides. The guides regularly participate in additional training programmes, read more » for example, those offered by the Museum of Kenya to study the archaeological sites in the Lewa region. The region’s unearthed historical treasures have been fundamental in understanding the development of humankind.


Safaris are available in every variety for every taste: Classic game drives are offered both in the day and at night in modern Landcruisers fitted with camera support and docking stations. Moreover, you may choose to go on a guided bush hike, bird watching expedition or to set off mounted atop a sturdy horse or gently swaying camel. Certainly, a glowing recommendation goes to the mounted safaris that allow you to get close in a natural way.


No visit to the Lewa Safari Camp is complete unless you have enjoyed one of the legendary breakfast feasts out in the bush. Later, you still have the rest of the day to visit the neighbouring Ngare Ndare Protected Forest or one of the local Samburu villages.


And, of course, you are more than welcome to participate in one of the workshops providing information and room for discussion on the reserve’s development and future projects. Many of the Lewa’s guides look back on more than fifteen years of experience and know the region like the back of their hands. Only a limited number of guests are welcomed to the Lewa Camp at any one time and enjoy a highly personalised service.


Last but not least, back at the camp you find supreme relaxation whenever desired. Lean back and enjoy the wonderfully natural flair. Cool off with a splash in the pool or choose a relaxing massage, manicure or pedicure at the spa. « show less