Rift Valley – the Cradle of Mankind

From North to South, Central Kenya’s scenic landscape is scared by the Great Rift Valley, a natural wonder that was formed by tectonic activity and not by the erosive action of water as is the case with the Great Canyon. And it was here in the Rift Valley, close to Lake Turkana, that the most ancient evidence of the human species was found – having earned the region the nickname “cradle of mankind”. In addition to its historic significance, the Rift Valley is supremely beautiful. Deep gorges are met with colourful soda lakes. A little farther along you come past soaring rock walls, volcanoes and dry planes … changing colours and impressions at every turn! In the north of the Rift Valley, Lake Baringo is one of Kenya’s rare fresh water lakes. Every year, it becomes the setting for uncountable numbers of migrating bird species that settle along the scenic banks and islands. And then, of course, in addition to the migrating species there are the resident ones. In total, more than 450 bird species share this wonderfully wild habitat with hippopotamus and crocodiles. At 1890 metres above sea level, Lake Naivasha is the Rift Valley’s highest lake and it is abundantly inhabited by hippopotamus. The massive animals may be observed wading, drifting and diving through the lush papyrus grass and water lily lakescapes. Just a little further south, lies Kenya’s fourth largest city: Nakuru, which has managed the difficult feat of maintaining its rural charms despite its rather respectable size. The Nakuru National Park offers a mystifying sight: From far away you can observe a pink ribbon spanning the landscape. It is only when you draw closer that you can distinguish the two million flamingos that colour the landscape. The flamingos’ staple food is plankton that gives the originally white birds their distinct pink colouring. Mount Kenya is East Africa’s second highest mountain measuring in with 5189 metres above sea level. Located directly on the equator –as tropical as it gets- it nevertheless sports a snow-tipped peak. Just past Mount Kenya, the Laikipia County is the gateway to Kenya’s wild north – a region famed and fabled for its pristine and romantic nature. The far north is the first choice for those looking for remote wilderness far from the well tread paths of the national parks. The Rift Valley in Kenya is well worth a visit. Allow INTOSOL to take you there and experience a modern-day mecca with an ancient history!
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Best season

Year-round, except the rainy season from mid March to mid May and mid October to mid December


Car or bus transfers (self-drive is not possible), local flights through Wilson Airport (WIL)


Flamingos and bird species


Wildlife observation, horseback safaris,


More than 1000 bird species, seasonal home for millions of pink flamingos

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