Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi


“The Island of Dreams“ – is the translation of the extraordinary Spa Hotel Huvafen Fushi’s name. A claim to fame that is by no means exaggerated. The private island and the first-class resort are beautiful beyond words.


Huvafen Fushi is set on the western fringe of the Maldives’ North Male Atoll. Small but beautiful, the island measures only 350 by 100 metres. The island is extremely popular thanks to its sweeping lagoon with exceptionally deep water.


Huvafen Fushi is almost entirely read more » lined by an immaculate white sand beach that gently slopes down to the lagoon’s brilliantly blue water. Transfers to the island are quick and highly enjoyable. A speedboat shuttles the distinguished guests from Male Airport to Huvafen Fushi in no more than 30 minutes.


The Huvafen Fushi was recently refurbished and now, without room for doubt, ranks among the Maldives’ most spectacular resorts. It offers excellent service and unusually rich experiences.


One of the most extraordinary facilities is the world’s first underwater spa. Designed in an elegantly purist fashion, the spa’s welcoming treatment rooms are located beneath the lagoon’s waves.


Large panorama windows command a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean’s colourful underwater life. Admire the tropical beauty while experienced hands spoil you with oriental massages, health and beauty treatments.


The uniquely beautiful swimming pool is another example for the fine facilities. Countless specks of light ingeniously illuminate the water from within, painting a glittering night sky onto the pool’s surface. The effect is stunning – swim through a universe of light!


The Huvafen Fushi pledges to fulfil almost every wish. On your request, a personal butler takes perfect care of you day and night. Needless to say, that a number of exquisite restaurants offer their sophisticated gourmet cuisine.


The restaurant Salt has specialised on Mediterranean delicacies, which are prepared in the open kitchen. The Raw sports an appealingly straightforward design and treats its guests to a carefully balanced and highly healthy cuisine as well as vegetarian specialities.


The designer cocktail bar UMBar is situated directly next to the gracious pool and has earned a reputation for its large selection of drinks and cocktails mixed to perfection. The Vinum, as the name suggests, offers a handpicked selection of excellent wines.


Another one of the Huvafen Fushi’s noteworthy characteristics is the lush, tropical vegetation. The installations and gardens were meticulously designed and infuse the ambience with a romantic flair and the fragrance of exotic flowers. Just the right setting for a honeymoon!


Please note: Some parts of the beach are protected by low walls or blocks of former coral banks with the intention to safeguard the beach from being washed away. This measure is necessary to ensure the island’s continued existence.


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The Huvafen Fushi’ luxurious villas hide amidst the island’s lush, tropical vegetation but all feature a direct access to the Indian Ocean. Alternatively, the fine units rest on stilts out over the read more » lagoon’s sparkling water.


The bungalows are exceedingly spacious and tastefully furnished. A straightforward but highly elegant design and natural materials lend the interior a gracious ambience.


With only one suite to every bungalow, the Beach and Ocean Front Pavilions ensure maximum privacy and personal space to spread out.


Approximately 125 square metres large, the Beach Bungalow features a king-size bed as well as a breathtakingly beautiful open-air bathroom. Soak in the romantic, freestanding bathtub or have a quick wash in the separate shower.


Of course, the fine comforts also include a private pool with a wooden deck equipped with a daybed. Further facilities of your suite are a telephone, plasma TV, DVD-player, a safe, ceiling ventilator and a modern air-conditioning system. A mini bar and an espresso machine provide refreshments.


The Deluxe Beach Bungalows are slightly more spacious, featuring 160 square metres as well as a larger private pool, a dining area and additional deckchairs on the terrace.


The Lagoon Bungalows are 130 square metres large and include similar facilities. The main difference to the beach units is the location; the Lagoon Bungalows are set on platforms out in the lagoon and offer a sundeck as well as a covered daybed. A short ladder drops down to the lagoon’s welcoming waters.


The Ocean Bungalows are 160 square metres large and set directly next to the Huvafen Fushi’s reef. Highlights of the sophisticated units are the combined living and bedroom with a glass floor, the elegant bathroom’s Jacuzzi, the private pool, two sundecks as well as the scenic open-air dining area … a combination of comforts that ensures a most memorable stay.


However, even these high standards can be topped. The Huvafen Fushi’s finest are the two- storey Beach Pavilion, astonishing 800 m² large, as well as the Ocean Pavilion, 330 m² large. The Beach Pavilion includes a private stretch of beach, while the Ocean Pavilion sits a little apart out on the lagoon. Both units feature a private pool.


Certainly among the finest lodging the Maldives have to offer, the exclusive Pavilions require a generous travel budget. A price tag of more than 2000 Euros has to be expected. Despite this seemingly large figure, the units are very good value for money!


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The first priority on Huvafen Fushi is the guest’s ultimate wellbeing. The exquisite hotel makes a point of spoiling body and soul.


The sophisticated wellness and spa treatments aid the visitor in read more » his or her quest for supreme relaxation. Treat yourself to soothing herbal beauty-masks or any of the many massages. Afterwards, unwind in the steam bath or the sauna.


The first of its kind on the Maldives, the Huvafen Fushi’s Lonu Veyo is certainly a highlight. It is a pool filled with highly concentrated saltwater that allows you to float on the surface without having to paddle.


An open Yoga Pavilion commands a breathtaking vista of the Indian Ocean. After having visited the sauna, the Ice Room allows you to cool down again despite the tropical temperatures.


Those who would like to counterbalance the sumptuous and delicious meals may want to train at the Huvafen Fushi’s fully equipped gym. Other facilities include the gorgeous infinity pool and a TV, internet and reading lounge stocked with a number of CDs, DVDs and interesting reads.


With the inviting lagoon on the resort’s doorstep, water sport is another of the guest’s favourite pastimes. The lagoon offers the perfect conditions for many water-based activities like snorkelling, for example.


Of course, diving is another one of the many options. A sailing yacht or catamaran cruise is the perfect way to explore the endless Indian Ocean and the countless islets. Also available, you may choose to cruise on one of the typically Maldivian Dhoni boats.


Those who would like to season the fun on the water with a sprinkle of adrenaline have the option to ride the Indian Ocean’s surf or skim the waves on a windsurfing board.


Huvafen Fushi is a luxury destination through and through. It has succeeded in balancing a pristine nature experience with a sensational, contemporary design. The result is an ambience rich with inspiration, grace and unique experiences.


An oasis of wellbeing for the soul – Huvafen Fushi stands out among the Maldives’ islands and makes every stay a memorable experience!


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