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- dream islands and genuine luxury hotels -

Lots of sun, white sandy beaches, countless sports facilities and above all awesome luxury hotels, Islands of all imaginable sizes – all waiting for you to explore our destinations in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius for example, of volcanic origin and towards the sea mostly landlocked by the most beautiful coral reefs. There you‘ll find numerous sheltered and crystal clear lagoons to explore.

The choice of luxurious accommodation is very large and the standards are outstanding. Due to healthy competition between the hotels you’ll find very reasonable prices.

Or the Seychelles – there you are welcomed by phantasmagorical beaches which somehow appear unrealistic in their beauty. Also the stunning green of the mountains of the inner Seychelles – the archipelago consists of more than 116 islands. The granitic islands are considered the oldest and toughest granite in the world. Those who travel to the Seychelles are mainly looking for: the mixture of peace and calmness in combination with breath-taking nature. Here you have the possibility to combine the most fantastic accommodation on several islands so that have the best of both worlds, the beauty and the diversity of this paradise.
 Discover the archipelago by doing a stunning circular trip.
With more than 1000 Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, white corral beaches and truly beautiful blue lagoons, the Maldives fulfil the cliché of the holiday dream under palm trees more than any other destination on this planet. Holidays in the Maldives means relaxing, lazing around and discovering the fascinating world under water by diving or snorkelling.

No matter which destination in the Indian Ocean you go for, you can explore all this on the highest level – with INTOSOL.

Our specialists for the Indian Ocean know all the various Islands and accommodations personally. In a personal consultation, we find out about your individual wishes and expectations, and provide advice for your trip of a lifetime. Further you’ll get your individual proposal for your circular trip as an impressive VIRTOSOL- multimedia presentation. Any amendments of your trip you wish to have, we gladly assist to ensure your trip of your lifetime becomes a reality.

INTOSOL is very much looking forward to making your trip to these most awesome islands a reality. Contact us to arrange the trip of a lifetime!
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