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A Tropical Paradise featuring Luxury Accommodation

The Maldives Islands are high-gloss catalogue pictures copied into reality. More than 1000 islands and islets compose the strikingly beautiful archipelago set in the Indian Ocean. Crystal-clear, bright-blue lagoons meet sparkling-white coral beaches framed by gently nodding palm trees. Stereotypical image of a tropical beach destination, the Maldives are one of the most popular destinations for overworked Europeans in search of serene tranquillity, welcoming temperatures and a breathtaking underwater world. One of the reasons for the islands continuous popularity is certainly the relatively short flight. Non-stop, an “only” eight-hour overnight flight has passengers soaring above the first atolls as morning dawns. A spectacular sight! Having safely touched down, either a seaplane or a speedboat, depending on the island booked, takes visitors the last leg of the journey to their holiday paradise. First and foremost, a holiday on the Maldives means total relaxation and spending some lazy days on the beach. And, of course, diving. Despite the much-discussed coral bleaching, fish of all colours, sizes and shapes remain abundant and attract scores of enthusiastic divers from all over the world. Even those who cannot imagine themselves donning serious diving gear will discover the vibrant underwater beauty with a simple mask and snorkel. Once introduced to the world beneath the waves, every novice instantly understands what the hype is all about. Tourism is orchestrated with diligent perfection on the Maldives. Receiving countless international guests each year, the Maldives are highly experienced in tourism, although they cannot claim status as an insider’s tip anymore. Lest anyone believe the islands are overrun and crowded like some of the Mediterranean destinations, despite the rising number of visitors most islands are still remote oasis of blissful peace and quiet. Consult the INTOSOL team on which islands to choose. The Maldives government recognised the threat of degenerating the islands through excessive mass tourism at an early stage and has implemented measures against this trend. The image of a jam-packed mass destination and the effects on the environment had to be avoided. Today, the latest generation of top-level luxury resorts meets the demands of controlling the total arrivals and the distribution of visitors while at the same time creating only a minimum impact on the environment. In the beginning, tourism on the Maldives started with semi-covered huts and a diet that was composed of little but fish and rice. These days, the luxury resorts excel at providing sophisticated comforts, finest service and first-class cuisine. The Maldives’ resorts can certainly compete with luxury hotels and destinations in other parts of the world. In fact, some facilities are found only on the Maldives and let the islands stand out while at the same time value for money remains the underlying principle. For example, the world’s first underwater spa was constructed on the island Huvafenfushi, part of the North Male Atoll. Moreover, the Soneva Gili Resort features spectacular Water Villas that can only be reached by boat. The sun, the warm weather, the immaculately white sand beaches and the lush tropical nature are all included as a courtesy – no matter which island you ultimately decide to visit. And it is a hard decision to take: Each island features unique aspects while the fundamentals – a lush green centre, white sand beach and turquoise sea – remain the same. Ask the experienced INTOSOL travel consultant team for advice. The team members have travelled to the Maldives and visited the resorts many times and can point you towards the option best suiting your interests. In accordance with the company philosophy, INTOSOL has compiled a selection of top-level resorts and hotels. We offer only islands and accommodations that are characterised by superior quality and ensure a fantastic holiday experience. Please note: While competitors dealing in mass tourism might have the better prices, this is explicable only because large numbers of visitors are bundled into large hotels on crowded islands. As a result, bungalows are wall to wall on the more crowded islands and the quality of the holiday suffers immensely. INTOSOL is strongly opposed to these practises, promoting a controlled approach favouring sustainable tourism and a purer holiday experience. The INTOSOL team enjoyed the great chance to travel the Maldives before the great tourism industry boom set in. We still vividly remember the tranquil serenity and the sound of the wind passing through the semi-open huts. Despite the fact that the level of comfort in those days can only be most generously described as basic, incomparable with the sophisticated luxury of modern resorts, one almost longs to travel back in time to the early days. The islands INTOSOL handpicked still radiate some of the early Maldives spirit. Even the top-level resorts are true to the tropical notions involved. For example, the Soveva Fushi’s motto is: No news, no shoes. Certainly a fond memory: Back in the old days, upon arrival on the Maldives it was a common ritual to chuck the shoes into the wardrobe and not get them out until the day of departure. The barefoot experience can still be enjoyed today, if accompanied by modern state-of-the-art luxury. In short, the Maldives today are what they always were: a tropical paradise. INTOSOL will make sure you discover the islands’ untainted side and enjoy every minute of it to the fullest!
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MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa)

Time zone

CET +4 hours

Flight duration

9-11 hours




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