Dunia Camp


The world-famous Serengeti receives more than 90,000 visitors annually. In addition to the national park of the same name, the Ngorongoro Reserve, the Maswa, Loliondo, Grumeti, Ikorongo and the Massai-Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenia are under protection.


Loliondo, bordering the Serengeti Region in the east, is especially well known for its authentic Massai culture. The Massai’s intriguing culture is also at the centre of attention at the mobile Dunia Camp.


Yes, the Dunia Camp is truly mobile read more » and relocates once a year from the southern Loliondo to the northern regions. Despite the frequent relocation, the camp achieves the astonishing feat of blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings.


Just like the other Asilia lodges, the Dunia is committed to sustainable and ecologically friendly tourism. The sweeping and nevertheless diverse landscapes are awe-inspiring and put humankind’s trifling matters into perspective again.


Unostentatious elegance is the underlying principle. Opulent grandiosity would be very much misplaced in the African bush. However, essential comforts and amenities are a matter of fact – despite the remote location at the heart of the wilderness.


The spectacular view of the majestic scenery is ever-present. Settle down in the dining tent and indulge in culinary delights sweetened by soft candlelight and a select wine. True to the safari traditions, all the guests gather around a single table, celebrating a convivial dinner in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


The backdrop of the communal meals is just right to share stories of the day’s adventures or to make plans for the next days. Each day provides a wealth of experiences and new impressions.


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The Dunia Camp in Loliondo – somewhere right in the middle of nowhere! The African wilderness and sheer remoteness provide the inspiring backdrop for the luxurious safari camp.


The colour scheme is read more » focused on warm, ochre colours ranging from crème to caramel and chocolate. The decorations and furniture rely almost exclusively on natural, local materials, which create an authentic feel.


Your Dunia Camp’s tent is an oasis of serene peace and quiet. The wildly beautiful nature has the centre stage. The tent’s furniture is comfortable and characterised by elegant minimalism.


A large, cosy bed promises sweet dreams to come after a long and exciting day spent in the wilderness. Shielded by just a thin layer of tent canvas, the Tanzanian night sky shines with all its glory above you. The mysterious sounds of the wilderness at night pass through the canvas unhindered.


The Dunia Camp feature only five exclusive tents and thus a maximum of privacy and intimacy. Of course, the tents have been arranged in such a fashion that every guest enjoys an unspoilt view of the surrounding nature.


Your private veranda is just the place to kick back and relax, cherishing the pristine setting. The bathrooms feature all the essentials to be comfortable. In keeping with the camp’s philosophy, they are also characterised by elegant simplicity.


The Dunia Camp’s lounge provides a backdrop to meet the other guests or simply to relax, maybe with a good book in hand. Apart from the other guests and the friendly service crew, you are unlikely to meet other people at the camp, which is always set up in secluded and unspoilt nooks and crannies.


It is just perfect for spending invaluable time with your loved ones in a peaceful and remote setting. Contact the INTOSOL service team for more information on this exceptional destination.


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Derived from the Massai dialect, the word Serengeti means “infinite land“. Excursions into the rough but beautifully wild nature will quickly introduce you to the vast horizons and intact nature.


In read more » contrast to the Serengeti National Park, the Loliondo Reserve offers you the unique chance to explore the wilderness on night drives or guided safari hikes. Of course, the classic daytime game drives are also a highlight.


Your most important piece of equipment at the Dunia Camp is certainly your camera. The landscape and wildlife never cease to fascinate and present photo opportunity upon photo opportunity at every turn of the way.


A day in the wilderness starts will a breakfast that is as delicious as it is sumptuous. Both the breakfast and the exquisite lunch can also be served in the middle of the bush – a special experience you should not miss.


Safaris are not the only activity at the Dunia Camp. A visit to one of the neighbouring Massai villages is an inspiring eye-opener. The Dunia Camp has closed an informal deal with the Massai, the most important agreement being a respectful interaction.


Visitors will travel back in time and experience the fascinating life and thousand-year-old traditions of the Massai culture. Several Massai villages offer you this opportunity: Piyaya, Ololosokwan or Soit Sambu.


With your visit, you are also making a valuable contribution to the Massai community. Respectful encounters generate a small income that helps preserve the traditions, secure basic needs and improve the quality of life. A recent discovery, the Piyaya, rock paintings and evidence of the ancient tribes, are now also open to visitors.


Of course, you may also decide to admire the beauty that lies beyond the constraints of earthbound existence. Gaze through the Dunia Camp’s powerful telescope at the beauty of Tanzania’s night sky. A brilliant night sky show!


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