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Victoria is Australia’s second smallest state but nevertheless one of the continent’s most diverse regions. Rough and rocky coasts alternate with lonely beaches perfect for surfing. Extensive wetlands border snow-capped mountains and lush forests. Victoria has a lot to offer and travelling is made all the easier thanks to the mild to cool climate. Two highlights make the state famous: the pulsating metropolis Melbourne and the penguin parade on Phillip Island. Further inland, the Victorian Alps provide a stunning backdrop and some first-class skiing in winter (June to October). Snow covered in winter, the mountain landscape transforms into a romantic, blossoming hiking destination in summer. Without room for doubt, Victoria is beautiful and its people are proud of their homeland. Incidentally, Victoria’s history, unlike most other Australian states, has not connection to a convict past. Victoria was settled by free men who named the region in honour of their queen Victoria. These days, Australia is independent but still tied to the British crown through the bond of the Commonwealth. Population numbers were boosted in the 18th century with the discovery of gold. Tens of thousands poured into the state with the hope of making quick money. Eventually, Melbourne developed into the state’s most important settlement. Today, the city is the second largest in Australia and thoroughly cosmopolitan. Latest censuses revealed that Melbourne has become the home of people from 140 different nations. It is a microcosm: peaceful, colourful and cheerful. Occasionally, Melbourne is called the secret heart of Australia, famous for its world-class shopping and extraordinary culinary scene. A tram system dating back to 1885 still connects the different suburbs and a special restaurant tram provides an unusual dining experience. Melbourne would not be the city it is without the wide Yarra River, the magnificent casino and its Botanical Gardens. Should your itinerary coincide with Christmas Eve, stroll down to the Royal Botanic Gardens: Carols by Candlelight is one of Melbourne’s most romantic and touching traditions. Victoria has more to offer than its graceful state capital. South-east, the Mornington Peninsula is quickly reached via the Neapan Highway and a popular holiday and daytrip destination for city slickers. Countless bays sport scenic beaches that lie protected from the choppy Bass Strait. The peninsula’s centre is the small town Frankston and the furthermost point, characterised by lonely bays, towering cliffs and old defensive walls, is protected by the Point Nepean National Park. Towards the west, one of Victoria’s most celebrated attractions is more than 200 kilometres long. The famous Great Ocean Road runs alongside a breathtakingly beautiful coast sporting dramatic cliffs, beaches and romantic bays. Please see the separate section Great Ocean Road in the websites navigation menu. Another city-get-away destination, the rugged Grampians are located two hours west of Melbourne. Abruptly rising out of green pastureland, the sandstone formations reach a height of 1000 metres. The Grampians feature everything one hopes to find in a pristine mountain region: bizarre and rough rock formations, deep gorges, thundering waterfalls, clear streams and an overwhelming spring mountain flower glory. Phillip Island lies approximately 120 kilometres south-east of Melbourne and is famous for its penguin parade that takes place just a little after sunset. Thousands of Little Penguins pop out of the ocean’s water, returning to their nests from a day of fishing to feed their young. Having spent a few days on the road exploring Victoria, pamper yourself in the hot springs at the resort town Hepburn Springs. A number of superb hotels offer sophisticated accommodation and the chance to soak in the naturally warm water beneath the Australian night sky. Last but not least: Victoria has its share of the famous Australian wine growing regions: Yarra Valley, Rutherglen, Swan Hill and Mildura might be smaller than their famous counterparts in New South Wales or South Australia but they nevertheless produce world-class wines. The vineyards receive fewer visitors and the atmosphere is still infused with a charmingly quaint flair. The locals will welcome you warm-heartedly and offer you their finest produce for sampling. Santé!
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Best season

March, April, September until November


Arrival by plane


Mountain landscapes, over 2,000km of coastline with numerous sandy beaches and historic gold mining inland settlements


Swimming, surfing, skiing


St. Kilda, beaches & culture in Melbourne, penguins at the beach on Philip Island, hiking in the Grampians, Australian Alps

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