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Please take no offence if Tourism Australia asks you quite bluntly: “So where the bloody hell are you?” The slogan is as direct and good-natured as the Aussies themselves and transports the peculiar, rugged flair that characterises the intriguing country: Australia is one hell of an experience!

One continent, one country, Australia offers an astounding range of landscapes, climates and activity options. Everything is possible in the sunburned country: For example, ski in the morning and spend the “arvo” on the beach. Spanning thousands of kilometres from sea to shining sea, Australia is a country of vast open spaces and pristine wilderness. Especially Europeans are awed by the sense of freedom and infinity.


Australians are, without exception, proud of their country and receive guests warm-heartedly, sharing Australia the Fair’s great beauty and unique nature.

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Be inspired by the many diverse attractions: The red centre, with its mystic Ayers Rock or Uluru and the imposing Kings Canyon, forms a stark contrast with the lush tropical coast of northern Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef teeming with life.

Further south, the state New South Wales offers the rolling Snowy Mountains and beautiful South Australia sports sweeping vineyards and charming rural grace. One of the world’s most beautiful drives is the scenic Great Ocean Road that runs as far as Melbourne. Board a ferry and cross the rough Bass Strait that separates Australia’s southernmost state, Tasmania, from the mainland. Tassie, as it is known by the Australians, is incredibly diverse on relatively little space.

Of course, there is the glittering metropolis Sydney to visit – be it as your point of entry or departure. Experience sublime luxury with INTOSOL, which has put together a stunning selection of top-range hotels in Australia. Australia offers exquisite hotels and sophisticated service. Make yourself comfortable at some of the red continent’s most celebrated luxury hotels. We travelled endless miles to handpick the hotel jewels featured.

A fine example is the sophisticated Longitude 131°. All of the comfortable suites offer a stunning view of Australia’s most famous landmark, the imposing Uluru or Ayers Rock. Spend a night in the canopy of a tropical rainforest in a luxury tree-house or unwind on a pristine Great Barrier Reef Island.

Let us know about your individual expectations and requirements! Every INTOSOL holiday is tailored to meet your unique demands and it is a pleasure for us to create the Aussie holiday of a lifetime! Allow us to help you decide which Australian highlight can be worked into a harmonious itinerary and where to spend some time to relax. In such a vast country, it is essential to plan thoroughly. INTOSOL works on the principle “What we see is what you get!” and has acquired a profound knowledge of the last continent.

Admittedly, Australia is quite a far way away. However, a number of fascinating stopover destinations turn the journey around the globe into a thrilling experience. Choose a route passing through the United States or via South-East Asia. Another option is to include a shopping trip in Dubai into your holiday. Even more exotic, South Africa can easily be combined with a trip to Australia. The South African airline SAA offers regular flights from Johannesburg to Sydney.

Spend a few days on safari in the African wilderness before heading to the buzzing streets of Sydney. Safari & the Outback – an enchanting combination! Another advantage of this route is the circumstance that the jetlag will not hit until the second flight, after you have had the chance to relax in South Africa. A memorable and entertaining holiday in Down Under can also be combined with a supremely relaxing spot of easy beach life on one of the South Sea’s many archipelagos. Talk to us to discuss the many options available.

We kindly ask for your understanding that INTOSOL does not offer caravan and campervan tours. We are dedicated to arranging holidays including finest comforts and elegant lodging. Australia certainly offers fascinating hotels that no four-wheel based accommodation can hope to compete with.The spectacular hotels features in the INTOSOL programme rank among the finest in the world. Even the simplest of the INTOSOL hotels in Australia guarantees deluxe comforts and a graceful style.

It is our philosophy to offer our customers only the very best of a country. However, should your interests nevertheless lie with campervan holidays, we can recommend reliable agencies that provide good service.

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