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The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge gleam in the sunlight, yachts merrily clip the waves and crisscross the sweeping bay and tanned locals populate the cafés set against a background of soaring skyscrapers. Trees are but a silhouette, creating a sharp contrast to the transparent-blue sky. The light is incredibly bright and glitters on the many waterways that reach far into the heart of the city, a beautiful reminder that the Pacific Ocean is on the city’s doorstep. Sydney is breathtaking and even the most seasoned traveller is overwhelmed by the city’s easy grace and colourful flair. It is not without reason that Sydney is considered one of the world’s ten most beautiful cities. Sydney’s origins can be traced back to a British penal colony in the 18th century. Today, it is the capital of the state New South Wales and moreover everything one expects from a multicultural metropolis in Australia. On Sydney’s outskirts, several nature reserves provide recreation zones where wallabies rest in the shade of Eucalyptus or Gum Trees and opossums wait on the roofs of picnic huts, reading themselves for a raid. Of course, with the Pacific only a stone’s throw away, Sydney offers more than a 100 beaches. Some, like Bondi Beach or Manly Beach have become famous for their stylish beach life or their surf. Others are quite isolated, tranquil and can only be reached by boat. One of the best ways to explore Sydney is to take a walk along the bay. Numerous playgrounds, picnic facilities and public toilets line the way. Locals and visitors alike relish the magical atmosphere at the water’s edge. One of Sydney’s most famous landmarks is the Opera House. Built by the architect Jörn Utzon, the roof is designed to resemble petals, sails or, by Utzon’s own account, orange peels. His masterpiece was only finished after 14 years of construction and having created a heated controversy among state officials, who reprimanded him for the excessive costs. Another initial drawback was the substandard acoustics, which were, however, greatly improved after extensive renovations. Should the opportunity present itself, we highly recommend a visit to see the world-famous Sydney Dance Company perform. With the Opera House ticked off the list, Sydney has countless other sights and sites to explore: Glittering shopping malls, opulent buildings, romantic corners – and the celebrated Harbour Bridge! Built in 1932, the Harbour Bridge spans almost 500 metres, making it one of the world’s longest arched bridges. The Harbour Bridge’s suggestive shape has let to the nickname “coat hanger”. A series of steel ladders and countless steps lead to the bridge’s highest point that commands a stunning view of the city and its natural harbour. A wonderful experience – 503 metres above the water – only for those unafraid of heights! A little further along the harbour promenade, Circular Quay is Sydney’s hub for public transportation. Ferries with destinations all around the harbour offer romantic rides and connect smoothly to the trains and buses. Circular Quay is the spot to admire Sydney’s skyline and harbour in all their glory or to book yourself onto one of the classic harbour cruises. Directly adjacent, the Royal Botanic Gardens are perfect for a relaxing stroll. The State Theatre at the heart of the city is the venue for the famous Sydney Film Festival. The location for entertainment is Darling Harbour, which is conveniently connected to other parts of the city by a monorail. The Panasonic IMAX theatre sports the world’s largest flat cinema screen. Furthermore, the Chinese Gardens, the Maritime Museum and the Sydney Aquarium are located here. Parts of the aquarium are designed as a large saltwater pool traversed by observation tunnels. Another of the city’s highlights is the historic section The Rocks set on Sydney Cove. The first permanent settlement in the Sydney region, convicts built the first huts, which were later followed by sandstone buildings, cobbled streets, historic warehouses and a romantically quaint flair. In sharp contrast to The Rocks, the Central Business District is the commercial heart of the city and dominated by modern skyscrapers. The highest building is the 305 metre high Sydney Tower. A viewing platform commands a breathtaking view of the city and the harbour. Incidentally, where dimensions are concerned, Sydney is vast, covering 100 by 70 kilometres. The centre is framed by endless and spaciously designed residential areas. The gracious Cumberland Plains are south and west of the harbour. Sydney’s surroundings are no less stunning than the metropolis itself and definitely worth a visit. North, at a distance of 160 kilometres, the Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine producing area, holds some delectable treats in store for you. More than 50 vineyards produce balanced and fruity white wines as well as some first-class red wines, chiefly Pinot Noire. Of course, the sublime produce may be sampled at the vineyards and a perfect day can be spent touring from vineyard to vineyard. Another popular choice is a daytrip into the startlingly beautiful Blue Mountains, which are so overwhelming that INTOSOL features them as a separate sub-region. Only 110 kilometres west of Sydney, the Australian wilderness begins on the city’s fringes and is easily reached by public transport. The Three Sisters, a famous Blue Mountains rock formation, greet visitors from a distance. Let your eyes rest on the hazy hills, deeply rutted gorges and breathe the clean mountain air. More information is available in the separate section Blue Mountains. Discover Australia and the four million soul metropolis Sydney that many consider one of the world’s most beautiful harbour cities. The author Gore Vidal once commented: “Sydney is the city that San Francisco strives to be.” Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to Australia’s glittering metropolis – it is a pleasure for us to offer you detailed advice and tailor an individual Australia itinerary for you!
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Capital city of the federal state New South Wales and simultaneously the largest city of Australia with beautiful beaches


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Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kings Cross, Bondi Beach

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