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The Vast Australian Outback

Enormous rock formations suddenly rise out of the dry desert landscape - Australia’s red centre is awe-inspiring and confirms the preconceptions: Australia’s heart is dusty, hot, bizarre and immensely beautiful. As isolated as a city can be, Alice Spring is the only settlement in the centre and a popular destination. Alice is framed by ancient landscapes that are often of spiritual importance to the Aborigine communities that live scattered across the region. The Aborigines’ ancient way of life often clashes with modern society, creating cultural misunderstandings. It is all the more important to try to understand these ancient people. Fortunately, several opportunities to experience the Aborigine traditions and culture are offered in the red centre. Alice Springs is also the starting point for diverse Outback safaris. The infinite, sunburned centre can be explored on camelback, on a scenic flight by plane or hot-air balloon or by hiking. Some of the famous landmarks that are best explored with pair of sturdy walking boots include the McDonnell Range’s gorges: the Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, Finke Gorge, Simpson Gap and Palm Valley … to name just a few! Alice Springs is – by Australian standards – just around the corner from the famous Ayers Rock or Uluru National Park. The gigantic, red-glowing monolith has become a symbol for Australia. It is a highlight in every itinerary. The mighty boulder was named Ayers Rock by the first white explorers but in the ancient language of the Aborigines it is knows as Uluru. The imposing monolith is a unique phenomenon: Its dimension, shape and bright red colour that lights up in the setting sun’s last rays are inspiring. Seemingly, the 318 metres high Uluru must have fallen from the skies. However, the once popular hypothesis was refuted. Uluru, once part of a mountain range, is the result of millions of years of erosion. The Uluru National Park is situated approximately 450 km southwest of Alice Springs. Uluru’s circumference is eight kilometres long, a distance that can be hiked on a well maintained walking trail. We do not recommend climbing Uluru out of respect for the Aborigine beliefs, who consider Uluru to be sacred. Thirty kilometres west, within the same national park, the Mount Olga formation is called Kata Tjuta in the Aborigine tongue. Translated, Kata Tjuta means as much as “many heads” – a fitting description for the round, giant boulders. The Olgas are stunning! In fact, many visitors even place them above the Ayers Rock. A number of trails navigate the giant boulders and occasionally the view out over the dusty-red desertscape opens up. Incidentally, the formations within the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park are considered to be among the oldest worldwide, having been formed some 800 million years ago. The red stone of the Olgas bears geologically brand-new, humanistically ancient rock paintings of the Aborigines. The Kings Canyon completes the trio of the three natural wonders at the heart of Australia. 340 kilometres north, the Kings Canyon is the centrepiece of the Watarrka National Park. The rugged sandstone walls tower stunning 300 metres above the canyon below. Australia’s red centre is a bizarre world that words cannot do justice. Talk to the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants to admire the magnificent sights with your own eyes.We recommend a stay of three to four nights to appreciate the natural wonders at your ease and it is a pleasure for us to tailor an individual itinerary for you. Let us organise an unforgettable Australia experience for you!
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March until June, September until November


Airplane to Alice Springs or to Ayers Rock Airport


Red rock formations, deep canyons, red sand dunes and extraordinary wildlife


Hiking, hot-air ballooning, sightseeing flights


Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjula (Olgas), Kings Canyon

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