Activities at Lugenda Bush Camp

Needless to say, that safaris are the number one activity at Lugenda. You will enjoy the great privilege to be among the first visitors to explore this remote African wilderness reserve. In fact, the park’s pristine and unexplored beauty is its biggest draw card. Experienced rangers will introduce you to the wilderness, either in open all-terrain vehicles or on a guided safari hike. When the water levels are high, safaris can also be operated by boat down the Lugenda River. There is a lot to see: Estimates indicate that approximately 8,000 to 10,000 pachyderms (elephants, rhinoceros etc.), 5,000 Duicker, 2,000 buffaloes and 3,000 zebras inhabit the region, to name just a few. Unfortunately, there are only few hippos living in the rivers. They were heavily hunted by poachers in the past. However, crocodiles are plentiful. Kudus, Impalas and antelopes are also plentiful and, consequently, they attract predators. Lions, leopards, African wild dogs and hyenas all stalk the game, anticipating their chance to pounce. The Niassa Reserve is furthermore a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts. Extensive counts have identified approximately 450 species that inhabit the park. It is one of the most species diverse regions in Africa. Live one of Africa’s last adventures! INTOSOL is one of the first tour operators to offer you this exclusive destination starting in May 2007. Incidentally, a holiday spent in the Luwire can be wonderfully combined with a beach or diving holiday on the pristine Quirimba Archipelago.
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