Katavi Nationalpark & Chada Katavi Camp

The “Out of Africa“ Flair

The Katavi National Park is Tanzania’s third largest and possibly most authentic national park! It is the right destination for all those who would like to discover an Africa that still radiates all its rough, original flair. Moreover, Katavi houses some of the largest buffalo herds. The Katuma River and its vast floodplains are one of the Katavi’s most awe-inspiring attractions. In the rainy season, the lagoons and swamplands attract thousands of water birds and provide a lush habitat for crocodiles and hippopotamus. Three seasons mark the prairie’s cycle of life: From December to February, many short rain showers create a blossoming landscape of fresh green. The readily available food brings large herds of elephants to the park. Exotic plants flower and birds flock to the plains. In May and June, the rain becomes scarcer but the landscape still presents itself as a thriving wonderland, fresh and fragrant. It is the perfect time to travel to the Katavi National Park. Only a few months later, from July to October, the temperatures rise and the ground begins to dry out and crack. The lush waterways are reduced to mere waterholes, which, however, are the site where the wildlife is forced to gather, allowing for spectacular animal observations. At this time of year, huge animal herds form. Elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippopotamus, impalas, reedbucks, lions and hyenas can all be observed from up close. The Katavi National Park is lonely and remote. Humankind as left no mark on the animals’ behaviours and their natural rhythm. Visitors may enjoy the wildlife in its natural habitat, living the free and unchanged life of the wilderness. The Katavi National Park is the old Africa and the Nomad Chada Katavi Camp complements the romantically wild flair beautifully. The fine units offer a harmonious combination of wilderness experiences with sophisticated lodging and well-protected privacy. The Chada Katavi Lodge offers a large variety of exciting game drives and safaris all year round. In total, only six luxurious tents accommodated the distinguished visitors. Incidentally, the Nomad Chada Katavi Camp is the only camp located in the Katavi National Park. Discover Tanzania, the wildly romantic Katavi Park and experience the Out of Africa flair!

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