The River Club


The celebrated Wilderness Safari resort, The River Club, is located on the Zambian shore of the Zambezi River, approximately 18 kilometres upriver of the world-renowned Victoria Falls.


The stylish luxury lodge has been designed in the classic grace of the Edwardian era. The elegant lodging features fine comforts and breathtaking views out over the majestic Zambezi River.


Just the right setting to unwind – settle down on the sweeping veranda at night and indulge in the serene atmosphere. From read more » the distance, the roar of the falls, subdued to a whisper, carries across the water. The omnipresent nature and the fine amenities create a splendid backdrop.


Ten luxurious thatched-roof cottages accommodate the distinguished guests and feature a magnificent view of the Zambezi River. It is not uncommon for elephants to trundle past. The Zambezi National Park is located directly across the river.


The main building houses the generous lobby, a well-stocked library and an equally well-stocked bar. A beautifully designed pool promises bathing delights on hot summer days and, of course, also grants you a view of the river and the pristine surroundings.


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At The River Club the discerning guests are accommodated in one of only ten comfortable thatched-roof cottages which all feature a private terrace overlooking the imposing Zambezi River.


A design highlight: read more » The cottage side facing the river is completely open, thus allowing for an unobstructed view of the river. At night, the River Club staff pulls a flowing curtain across the opening to protect your privacy.


Of course, you may also decide to sleep with your room open to the sounds, smells and sights of nature. It is a fantastically African experience, the wild nature’s sweet whisper infusing your dreams.


The hippos in the river providing inspiration, the Victoria Falls the soundtrack, splash around in the foam-topped bathtub. The open bathroom also looks down onto the river and the view can even be enjoyed from said bathtub.


Further facilities of your comfortable furnished cottage are a shower in addition to the bathtub, toilet, washbasin and ventilators.


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The magnificent Victoria Falls are at the focus where activities at The River Club are concerned. The falls are a thundering display of the force of nature and not be missed.


However, the activity options read more » include a whole lot more. River cruises to the Zambezi River’s many islands are being offered as well as fishing trips and relaxing sunset cruises with a drink in hand.


The River Club is not a safari lodge in the classic sense. Nevertheless, elephants are frequently encountered in the Zambezi National Park on the opposite shore. Hippopotamus are also abundant in the river, their characteristic call a common sound.


The region’s birdlife is extremely prolific and diverse. Many rare species like the African Finfoot, the Half-Collared Kingfisher, the African Skimmer or the Collared Palm Thrush can be spotted.


Bird enthusiasts can explore a network of nature trails in pursuit of their passion as well as participate in guided boat excursions and island walks.


Those who enjoy challenging fishing should cast a line for the carnivorous Wolf Fish. Especially during the summer months, fishing for the ferocious fish is a fierce fight.


Several species of bream contribute to making you fishing trip a definite success. Try your hand at fly fishing and develop a knack for swinging the line just right.


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