Thala Beach Resort


In harmony with nature – the credo of the Thala Beach Resort becomes apparent in every small detail, starting with the construction and the architecture. The Thala Beach Resort places greatest importance on sustainable operations.


Set directly on a private beach boasting fine white sand and glittering turquoise waters, the Thala Beach Resort is located between Cairns and Port Douglas.


The natural splendour all around helps to emphasise the Thala’s message that man has spent relatively read more » little time on earth. 140 million years ago, the single giant landmass known as Gondwana began drifting apart.


One large plate headed east and formed the continent Australia. Separated from the rest of the world by oceans all around, Australia developed a unique flora and fauna.


It thus not surprising that Australia, and especially the tropical north, boasts the world’s largest coral reef and the world’s most ancient rainforest.


The Thala Beach Resort is conscious of this exceptional environment and perfectly strikes the balance between preservation and careful integration into the tropical surroundings.


Responsibly harvested local timber radiates a natural flair. The ocean breeze passes freely through the spacious rooms and the general ambience is one of airiness and lightness. Room to breathe freely and unfold!


The circular lounge and reading room, as well as the superb restaurant, all command a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Small islands dotting the water and rolling rainforest hills forming the backdrop, the setting is inspiringly beautiful!


The Thala Beach Resort is especially popular with honeymooners, who appreciate the gorgeous setting and well-protected privacy. Complement the ambience with the delicious tropical cuisine and refined Australian wine… wonderful!


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The Thala Beach Resort’s main building is connected to the 85 guest units through a network of small trails that wind through the lush rainforest. Another path leads down to the gorgeous beach.


Start read more » the day with a long beach stroll, enjoying the cool and quiet morning hours. Let the surf lick at your naked feet and dig your toes into the soft sand.


Intriguing architecture: the Thala’s bungalow units have been raised above the canopy level and command a wonderful view out over the ocean and the rainforest backdrop.


By general opinion the most popular spots, the verandas are just perfect for a little sweet idleness at just about any time of day or night. Admire the view, colourful birds and butterflies throughout the day and the night sky’s brilliant splendour in the night.


Your room is always kept comfortable cool by the ceiling ventilator and the modern air-conditioning system. A mini bar stocks cold refreshments and small snacks.


Guests may choose between three accommodation categories. The Eucalypt Bungalows are set amidst the tropical rainforest. Pulling the curtains aside in the mornings, the birds many-voiced concerts welcomes you to a new day in paradise.


The Coral Sea Bungalows blend perfectly with their stunning natural surroundings. Moreover, the refined units boast the best position for breathtakingly beautiful views out over the infinite, blue ocean. With just a little luck, spot dolphins or whales in the distance!


The Sandpiper Suites are the first choice for those looking for an exceedingly romantic flair and secluded privacy. The cosy lounge and the generous bedroom have been elegantly decked out and leave nothing to be desired.


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Time to kick back and unwind in fine style! Settle down beneath the gently nodding palm trees, enjoying the warm tropical breeze and the peace and quiet all around.


The Thala Beach Resort has access read more » to two beautiful beaches and both lend themselves to sipping a cocktail mixed to perfection at sunset.


Of course, no visit to tropical north Queensland is complete without having explored the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel near the Low Isles and admire Green Sea Turtles gracefully navigating the colourful coral reefs.


Back on land, allow an experienced guide to introduce you to the wonder of the rainforest, a world natural heritage site. Whenever the tropical climate becomes to sticky, refresh yourself in the natural rock pools hidden deep within the forest.


Moreover, the region is a natural playground for birding enthusiast. However, not easy to spot amidst the lush vegetation, the region houses countless rare species and special bird watching tours are being offered.


Another highly recommendable excursion is the Coconut Odyssey. Learn all about the exotic, sweet fruit in its hard shell and how to get to it.


Back at the Thala Resort, cool down in either of the hotel’s two beautifully designed swimming pools or whack a ball at the nearby 18-hole golf course.


Last but not least, the Thala Resort also features a delightful spa offering countless professional treatments. For a private, romantic moment with your loved one, request to a have a picnic basket prepared and disappear off into the wilderness.


Look forward to supreme relaxation, overwhelmingly beautiful nature and the luxurious creature comforts of the Thala Beach Resort in northern Queensland!


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