Planet Baobab Camp

Planet Baobab


The Planet Baobab Camp is indeed a world of its own. Traditions meet modern times, secluded wilderness is put into perspective by the friendly ambience and everything is infused with a natural flair.


The Planet Baobab Camp is located at approximately fifteen minutes’ driving distance from Gweta in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana. You may look forward to stunning wildlife encounters and an authentic Africa experience.


The camp is composed of a number or traditional adobe houses that nestle beneath read more » soaring Baobab Trees – some more than 4000 years old. The design is an intriguing blend of African elements with colourful, contemporary styles.


Planet Baobab is located amidst the beautifully stark Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The location is perfect and occasionally even other visitors to this isolated region drop by for a refreshing drink. Incidentally, families are highly welcome at the camp.


A large statue of an anteater, an Aardvark, presides over the camp entrance and welcomes you to your home away from home. Boasting elaborately decorated outer walls, the adobe houses have been designed and built by local craftsmen and comfortably accommodate both couples and families.


Of course, the lodge offers every necessary amenity to ensure your comfort in the Kalahari. Enjoy electricity (not a standard in the desert), a beautiful swimming pool and inviting bar. A restaurant serving delightful specialities takes care of your culinary wellbeing.


Where activities are concerned, of course, the focus lies on exploring the rugged surroundings. Join a classic game drive or straddle a Quad Bike and kick up some dust on the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.


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The entrance of the Planet Baobab Camp is guarded by the gigantic statue of a watchful anteater, an Aardvark – a first indication that the Baobab Camp is somewhat different to other lodges.


Planet read more » Baobab was created by the Uncharted Africa Safari Company and the couple Ralph Bousfield and Catherine Raphaely in 1993. Ralph dedicated the lodge to the heroic deeds of his legendary farther Jack Bousfield.


And indeed, the spirit of the different generations who have contributed to the camp can still be felt. Planet Baobab is a fusion of traditions with modernisation and every guest is received warm-heartedly.


The design and ambience is just perfect for families. The Baobab’s 16 adobe guest units, the so-called Bakalanga Huts, are divided into 13 units sleeping two and three family Bakalangas accommodating four guests.


All of the huts offer a private ensuite as well as a private patio complete with a daybed. The colourful design, both interior and exterior, is reminiscent of a lively African painting.


The dashes of vibrant colours greatly enhance the sober hues of the natural building materials, which are tinted in the ochre shades of the Kalahari Desert. The general facilities like the pool carry the same signature style.


Baobab radiates an easygoing, welcoming, carefree ambience. Thus it is not surprising that occasionally even visitors lodged at a different camp drop by for a drink.


And certainly, the Shebeen Bar is quite an attraction in itself: It has been fashioned like a gigantic beer bottle with a classic chandelier dropping down from a thatched roof to illuminate leather chairs and Mopane timber walls.


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Discover Botswana and the Planet Baobab! Trained guides carefully selected by the Uncharted Africa Group introduce you to the exotic flora and fauna of the Kalahari Desert, which easily ranks among the read more » world’s most fascinating places.


Step out of your door and into the Africa experience. Planet Baobab Camp, located 15 minutes outside of Gweta, is surrounded by ancient Baobab Trees, some more than 4000 years old.


The Baobabs, or Monkey Bread Trees, are not only one of the landmarks characteristic of the Kalahari Desert and Botswana but also feature in many of the legends concerning Botswana’s exploration by Livingstone and others.


Planet Baobab is the perfect basis for discovering the harsh surroundings. The famous Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are only a short distance away, covering an area of vast proportions – 16 000 square kilometres!


Despite the Baobab’s powerful quad bikes, the expanse of the former Makgadikgadi Lake remains unfathomable. Kick up some dust and find a quiet spot to enjoy the sunset or the star-splattered night sky.


The Kalahari Desert is a highly recommendable destination both in the dry and the rainy season. Once the rain sets in, however, the region’s appearance changes dramatically.


The sudden availability of water draws abundant migrating wildlife to the area. Admire zebras and gnus followed by their respective predators


Time flies at the Planet Baobab Camp – Make the most of it and visit the nearby village for a taste of local life. Botswana and the Baobab Camp – a fascinating destination!


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