Mkuze Falls Game Reserve Lodge

Mkuze Falls Game Reserve


“Give me five!“ is the slogan that best describes the Mkuze Falls Game Reserve. Mkuze is one of only two private game reserves in Kwa Zulu Natal, where visitors enjoy the privilege of being able to spot the Big Five on safari.


The Mkuze Game Reserve is the place to be for close encounters with lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and giraffes. Of course, countless other species and a multitude of birds inhabit this beautiful spot on earth.


Set stunningly above the Mkuze Waterfalls, the gracious read more » Mkuze Game Reserve’s Falls Lodge is situated between the Kruger National Park and the coast of Zululand.


The heart of the complex is set on a wooden platform. Step out onto the large terrace from the comfortable lounge and indulge in the fantastic view of the surrounding landscape.


On a hot day, settle down with a good book or a refreshing drink in the shade on the terrace or take a refreshing dip in the turquoise-blue swimming pool.


The Falls Lodge’s elegant restaurant serves delicious South African specialities. Exquisite vegetarian meals are prepared for guests upon request.


Enjoy an open-air dinner at the so-called Boma beneath the star-strewn heavens. Occasional performances treat you to the rhythmic Zulu music and the fascinatingly lively African dances, so full of vitality.


A braai is the African equivalent to a European barbecue and surprises guests with many local specialities. After dinner, enjoy a drink at the bar while sharing your day's adventures with the other guests.


It is not at all uncommon for the trumpeting of an elephant, the whinnying of a zebra or the roar of a lion to provide the soundtrack to your evenings’ activities … pure wilderness!


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Feel the pulse of Africa … set amidst the African wilderness and overlooking the river and the African bush, the Falls Lodge’s nine romantic chalets offer finest accommodation and supreme relaxation, read more » for example, in your private patio.


Treat yourself to a refreshing drink from the mini-bar and enjoy the beautiful weather – what more could you wish for? Refined elegance and graceful style are the hallmarks of the Mkuze Reserve Falls Lodge.


The lovely en-suite bathrooms with embedded sinks were designed with great attention to detail. Privacy and intimacy are guaranteed, even beneath the exciting outdoor shower and in the private plunge pool.


A ceiling fan and air-conditioning system cool the rooms down to comfortable levels on a hot day. The large, cosy bed is draped in a flowing mosquito net, ensuring wonderfully peaceful sleep.


Those wishing to spoil themselves with an exceptionally romantic accommodation are well advised to consider the special Safari Suite.


The large combined bed and living room offers plenty of space to feel comfortable. The facilities even include a small but fully equipped kitchen ready for use. Enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner on your private terrace lit by a sparkling, star-filled sky.



Experience the flair of adventure at the Mkuze’s other lodge, the “The Tented Lodge“. Not remotely connected to the traditional concept of camping, you can expect a unique ambiance without sacrificing any creature comforts.


Being lodged amidst the nature is a truly wonderful sensation. Upon request, guests may split their stay at Mkuze between the two lodges. Contact us for more details; we look forward to helping you.


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The Mkuze Falls Game Reserve is all about exciting safaris. However, those who appreciate a little variation will be delighted to learn about the reserve’s excellent fishing trips.


The nearby Pongolapoort read more » Dam, Richards Bay and the Maputaland coast are a true fishing paradise that regularly turns beginners into passionate enthusiasts.


The main reason for visiting Mkuze is the rich fauna and fascinating flora of South Africa. The game drives are led by well trained rangers who have the answer to every question and countless exciting stories to tell. Moreover, the wetlands around the Mkuze Falls are a bird-watchers paradise.


Over four hundred bird species are native to the area. However, for safari-fans the highlights are Big Five, to which the elephant as the largest land mammal belongs. It is a wonderful adventure to watch the gentle giants in their natural habitat.


The king of the jungle is undoubtedly the majestic lion. Apart from raising the offspring, the female lions are responsible for hunting, thus providing for the whole pride. Buffaloes are masters of self-defence, swinging their massive horns dangerously.


Grazing by night, rhinoceros often find a shady place to rest during the day. Rhinos can reach an age of approximately forty years. They spend most of their time with intense grazing, using their split lips to grasp the food.


The lonesome, quiet leopard spends most of its time in hiding while watching its prey and preparing to pounce. The Mkuze Falls Game Reserve – eye to eye with the awe-inspiring African wildlife in its natural habitat!


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