Mchenga Nkwichi Lodge


Wild and pristine forests, ancient stone formations and crystal-clear water – welcome to Lake Malawi and the charming Mchenga Nkwichi Lodge!


Lake Malawi is still a little known destination and a certainly a gem: As large as Belgium and 700 metres deep, it boasts a magnificent species diversity. The biologists have counted close on 450 species of exotic fish – more than Europe and North America put together!


The underwater wonders are, without question, unique. But there is more: The protected read more » nature around Lake Malawi and the Nkwichi Lodge has received official recognition as a UNESCO world natural heritage site.


You may go for long hikes or ask your guide to introduce you to the local population. A boat may take you up and down the lake. But then, maybe, you are content quite simply relaxing on the wonderfully white sand beach.


Set at the heart of untouched wilderness, the Nkwichi Lodge is one of the chief promoters of the Manda Wilderness Projects. Your visit directly contributes towards the protection of the environment, safekeeping it for the next generation. Moreover, the Nkwichi Lodge and the Manda Wilderness Project actively support the surrounding villages and communities.


The Nkwichi Lodge was involved in the construction of six schools, a clinic, a corn mill and the basic education in sustainable agriculture for more than 700 participants. It is estimated that the lives of approximately 20.000 locals have been influenced: a shining example for social commitment and sustainable practises that go hand in hand with eco-tourism. « show less


The award-winning Nkwichi Lodge offers its guests not only a five-star accommodation but also a quiet, romantic location, professional service with a smile and plentiful options for activities and excursions. read more »


Anything you may need… do not hesitate to ask: The Nkwichi’s service personnel take great pride in their work and are dedicated to making your stay memorable!


Select local materials have been used in the construction of the cosy chalets and guest houses. Supreme privacy is coupled with refined luxuries and wonderful views out over Lake Malawi. The hand-carved furniture and the bathrooms built with natural stone are certainly two design highlights. Stone and light are fused together and create a magical flair.


The guest houses include a private chef and service team that takes perfect care of you. The open-living concept puts the surroundings nature at just an arm’s length. Stroll down to your private beach or stretch out on the Star Bed.


What is a Star Bed? Well, basically a bed beneath the bright night’s blinking stars. The Star Bed may be set up next to one of the beautiful Baobab trees or out on a lonely island in the lake with just the stars for company. Just perfect!


The Mchenga Nkwichi Lodge is in harmony with nature, promotes social responsibility and, of course, offers refined luxuries. The Nkwichi’s delightful cuisine is created with local ingredients and designed to strengthen body and soul. Fresh fish from the lake and organic vegetables from the hotel’s own vegetable patch! Bon appetite! « show less


The Nkwichi Lodge’s side of Lake Malawi used to belong to Mozambique. In addition to crystal-clear water, if offers visitors the opportunity to explore the boundless beauty of Africa’s most species read more » diverse lakes.


Set off to explore remote and pristine beaches broken only by bizarre rock formations. Take a kayak far out onto the water or explore the underwater beauty of the Malawi reef with a mask and snorkel. And later, as the sun sets, why not sip a glass of fine wine on your terrace, revisiting the day’s adventures in your mind?


A snorkelling tour in Lake Malawi’s crystal-clear water introduces you to the unique and colourful underwater wonders of tropical sweet-water aquatic life. Nkwichi boasts majestic nature all around.


And then, of course, there are the neighbouring villages with their active social and cultural events: Gospel festivals are highly popular as are canoe races and the age-old, traditional tribal dances beneath towering mango trees.


Nkwichi offers supreme relaxation for body mind and soul. Rest your eyes on the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, visit the nearby waterfalls or indulge in a leisurely picnic beneath a 2000 year old Baobab tree.


On a special night, request a romantic dinner down on the beach by the lake. Crush the warm sand between your naked toes and sip a cool drink while the setting sun strikes the sky on fire. A few minutes later -just in time for the main course- a myriad of twinkling stars pop up in the clear night sky above. Just perfect! « show less