Kalamu Lagoon Camp


In the middle of the wildly beautiful and only sparsely settled southern section of the South Luangwa National Park, the gorgeous Kalamu Lagoon Camp is located within the Luamfwa Concession.


As opinions go, some say that the South Luangwa National Park is one of the most spectacular protected areas in all of Africa. Certainly, wildlife abounds.


The Luangwa River gives life to these regions. Moreover, for a long stretch, the Luangwa River forms the eastern border of the national park, thus read more » separating the protected area from the public hunting grounds on the other side.


The Kalamu Lagoon Camp is directly set on the permanent Laumfwa Lagoon at a little distance from the Luangwa River. Wonderfully small and private, the Kalamu Camp consists of only a few tents, a dining and a bar area shaded by soaring ebony trees.


It is a highly romantic setting. Indulge in the camp’s delicious gourmet cuisine, a warm breeze carrying the musky smell of the African wilderness and rustling the leaves above.


Whenever, the temperatures point towards red hot, the inviting swimming pool provides refreshment. Afterwards, settle down on the comfortable viewing deck, eyes peeled for the movement of wildlife.


Just like the other camp facilities, the viewing deck overlooks the lagoon, previously a part of the Luangwa River, which readily attracts game.


Of course, the principal activities at the Kalamu Camp are the exciting game drives. Twice a day, the experienced rangers take you on safari, either in sturdy vehicles or on foot.


Explore the wilderness and chance upon awe-inspiring encounters with the wildlife. Especially the dry season from June to October is an excellent time for animal observations. Water becoming sparse elsewhere, the lagoon attracts an abundance of wildlife.


Elephants and antelopes, lions and even hippopotamus can be frequently be observed to name just a few– see for yourself!


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Looking for a pristine nature experiences in a secluded setting? Welcome to the luxurious Kalamu Lagoon Camp in the Luangwa National Park!


The Luangwa River winds its way west towards the southern and read more » most remote part of the Luangwa National Park. In these far away regions, both riversides are part of the protected reserve and this is where the Kalamu Camp is located.


The eight gracious safari tents are set on the banks of the Luamfwa Lagoon at a considerable distance from any other settlement, the Kalamu Bush Camp being the closest at 3.5 kilometres distance. However, the landing strip is only five minutes away.


The Kalamu’s luxury tents are designed in a safari style, the walls fashioned from reed and the roof from canvas. The natural materials are not only very befitting but ensure excellent ventilation.


Of course, every tent unit features a private ensuite bath with all amenities. Apart from the indoor shower, an additional outdoor shower is available. Incidentally, those travelling with kids are easily accommodated in the spacious family units.


Soaring Tamarind, Jackelberry and Mopane Trees cast welcome shade protecting you from the strong African sun. Have a siesta to pass the hot noon hours or settle down on the viewing deck to watch the activity around the lagoon, the largest fresh water reservoir in the park after the Luangwa River.


The Luangwa National Park is home to more than 50 mammal and astonishing 400 bird species. The Kalamu Camp is dedicated to protecting this natural treasure. Water for the camp is taken from a well and heated with solar panels.


Electricity is also being supplied through solar energy. Batteries at every tent ensure that electric lighting is available around the clock.


Please note that the Kalamu Lagoon Camp opens only for seven months a year. The camp is closed between the 1st of December and the 30th of April.


Spend unforgettable days amidst the pristine nature, explore the wilderness on hikes or game drives and reside in all style at the comfortable Kalamu Lagoon Camp.


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The South Luangwa National Park protects more than 9.050 square kilometres of the Luangwa valley, located at 500 to 800 metres above the sea level. Around the river, the land levels out and support lush read more » forests.


Set amidst such a diverse landscape, the Kalamu Lagoon Camp offers several nature-based activities. Of course, the focus lies on the exciting game drives, which are being offered in the morning, the afternoon and occasionally even at night.


A knowledgeable guide by your side, venture out into the bush in the sturdy all terrain vehicles and observe the wild life from up close. The Luangwa River and its lush vegetation are like a life-giving artery nurturing an abundance of species.


It is not at all uncommon to spot elephant or buffalo herds. You may also keep your eyes peeled for lions, the Spotted Hyena or the African wild dog. Antelopes also abound, especially Impalas and Pukus.


A little harder to spot are the Ellipsen Waterbuck, the Bushbuck, the Common Eland and Kudus. Unique are the sighting of the Thornicroft’s Giraffe and the Cookson Gnu, which may not be observed anywhere else in the world.


But the show goes on: The region is equally legendary for its many leopard sightings. On the riverbanks crocodiles bask in the sun while the hippos remain remarkably unconcerned. The Yellow Baboons, however, stay at a safe distance.


South Luangwa is famous for its excellent hiking. The wildlife naturally draws the attention, but focus also on the exotic flora along the river and wetlands. More than 400 species of birds populate the region and at night the sky is coated in a brilliant blanket of sparkling stars.


Other excursions take you to hot springs or to a local village, where you may observe the age-old traditions and dances. The Kalamu Lagoon Camp in the Luangwa National Park offers something for everyone and nature for all!


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