Inyati Game Lodge


In the local dialect of the Shangaan, who inhabit the eastern part of the Sabi Sands and the southern Kruger Park, the word Inyati means “buffalo”. With only a little luck you will have these fascinating creatures as you next door neighbours during your stay at the Inyati Game Lodge.



This comfortable lodge lies in the private Sabi Sands Game Reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. It is hardly necessary to distinguish between the two parks. No fences obstruct the free movement of the read more » wild animals between the two sanctuaries.


Hugging the shade of the plentiful trees, the Inyati estate might well be mistaken for a generously sized park, inviting you to take a stroll and discover the enchanting secrets of the local flora and fauna.


A walk down to the river limiting the property will afford you with the chance to observe hippopotamus and crocodiles. However, the river only reliably holds water in the rain season. The rest of the year, the dusty, sandy riverbed is reduced to single waterholes which nevertheless attract game.


The best spot to watch the wildlife is the Inyati Lodge’s majestic timber deck. Put your feet up and let your eyes rest on the impressive animals passing by unperturbed by your presence.


Dinner at the Inyati is a special experience. Mighty African drums call you to the table which has been decorated with great attention to detail. Enjoy the exotic sensation of a traditional open-air boma, the wildly African version of a sumptuous barbeque.


Find a seat next to the crackling fire and sample the fine delicacies accompanied by a glass of good South African wine straight from the hotel’s truly magnificent wine cellar. It will be a memorable meal – just as long as you do not mind being watched by the antelopes grazing below.


It is the Inyati team’s pledge to make you feel completely at home during your most precious days of the year. The friendly service is attentive but never obtrusive. Welcome to the Inyati Game Lodge! Welcome to your personal adventure in the African bush!


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The Inyati Game Lodge – a piece of paradise on earth. Great store is set by ensuring privacy, sereneness and secludedness, qualities which are reflected by the small number of maximum guests at the Inyati read more » Lodge.


A mere ten thatched-roof luxury chalets await the discerning guests from all over the world. The welcoming and spacious homes away from home all feature a generous bathroom designed in pleasant ochre hues with a separate shower.


Just like the rest of the chalet, the bedroom has also been designed with an African culture style and the guest’s unconditional comfort in mind. The large and cosy double beds feature mosquito nets which will put an end to unwanted nightly attacks and guarantee you sweet dreams.


A comfortable seating area has been located so as to command an unrestricted view of the Sand River. Put up your feet up, unfold your wings of imagination and daydream for a while or bury yourself in a good book. Should you prefer to go outside to do so, why not try the “tree swing”.


The red, hot African sun may scorch the land but stands no chance against your air-conditioning, a welcome bliss especially on summer’s nights. A telephone is also among the chalet’s facilities.


In the evenings, the snug bar becomes the guests’ central meeting place to enjoy a sun-downer and exchange stories of an exciting day. Try the delicious cocktails or sample some of South Africa’s excellent wine.


Like many of the other luxurious lodges at Sabi Sands, the Inyati Game Lodge sports its private landing strip for light aircraft. Three flights daily are scheduled between the Lodge and the Johannesburg International Airport.


Arrive in the blink of an eye without wearisome stopovers. Upon you arrival, the hearty welcome at the Inyati Lodge will at once set you in the right mood for an incomparably memorable, adventurous and comfortable holiday.


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The Inyati Game Lodge is set in such a stunningly enchanting nature that the focus automatically shifts to experiencing and enjoying the fantastic flora and fauna. Far from the stressful commotion of everyday read more » life, guests can kick back and relax for a few blissful days, indulging in the luxurious ambience and comfort.


Each day, two exciting and educational safaris guided by experienced rangers are offered. Board one of the safe and comfortable vehicles with the presentiment of setting off to discover new wonders tickling your belly.


The guided safari-hikes are just as interesting. They present a more challenging but at the same time more intimate style of exploring the bush at a slower pace.


It is an experience especially rich in detail. The tiniest inhabitants of the bush will now be able to draw your attention. Spot the exotic birds, insects or the many-coloured butterflies. Your knowledgeable guide will point out many interesting facts and details about the animals, flowers and trees you encounter.


A lifetime is not enough to fully understand the myriad of living beings and their intricate connections. The reserve expands over more than 100 square kilometres and offers plenty of opportunities to observe the fascinating African wildlife in its natural habitat. Our special recommendation to you is to join an evening safari.


The spectacular sunsets painting the enticing landscape with vivid hues of red are best enjoyed with a cool sun-downer in hand. After a long, hot day of new experiences, the swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip.


For those who would like to stay in shape during their holidays, the Inyati Game Lodge offers a modern fitness room. You may train to your heart’s desire or do some laps in the pool.


Come to the Inyati Game Lodge for an unforgettable holiday conceived in your dreams and delivered in the African savannah!


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