Camp Jabulani

Camp Jabulani


Elephants never forget … just like you will hardly ever forget your stay at Camp Jabulani. A holiday at Camp Jabulani is incomparable, unforgettable and will become an intense memory you will take home and treasure.


The name “Jabulani” goes back to an orphaned baby elephant which was found half starved by Lente Roode in the late 90s. With love and care it was raised and inspired the foundation of the camp.


Jabulani was only the first of many elephants which are now the permanent guests read more » at Camp Jabulani and the Kapama Private Game Reserve. Later, a luxurious lodge was added for the slightly more discerning human visitors.


Welcome to Camp Jabulani near Hoedspruit! The complex harmonically blends with the natural surroundings; the buildings are connected by long boardwalks. The Kapama Game Reserve shares its fenceless boundaries with the Kruger National Park and enables all animals to move freely from one area to the next.


The connection to nature is one of the Camp’s chief principles. Natural materials, large, open windows and warm hues imitating the savannahs dominating colours transport the bush into the living room without sacrificing ultimate comfort and classic elegance.


The ambition is to make you feel at home the moment your cross the threshold. Having spent a day out in the rough bush, all your senses can start looking forward to a culinary festival celebrated night by night with the Jabulani’s masterful chef as the dedicated conductor.


The food is presented in all style: Sip one of South Africa’s many first-rate wines and relish the silverware and table decorations. The culinary creations are always prepared from selected, preferably locally produced, fresh ingredients. Why not have muffins just pulled out of the oven with your afternoon tea?


Allow yourself to be spoilt by the many attractions and the extraordinary service. Pack light clothing, sturdy shoes, a sunhat and sun lotion, a camera … and you are ready to enjoy the elephantine delights of Camp Jabulani!



Elephantback Safaris


The elephantback safaris at Camp Jabulani will doubtlessly be a highlight of your stay. Thirteen of the gentle giants currently call the camp home and are being taken perfect care of by a team of 22 dedicated keepers.


Let yourself be introduced to the heart-warming story of how the elephant sanctuary was founded and also to the day to day tasks of caring for the big animals. The keepers will gladly share their experience and sentiments with you. Most guests describe the first contact with the elephants as inspiring.


Every individual elephant, its distinct character and personality, will be introduced to you. Before setting of on a safari on elephantback, you should make friends with your kind mount.


Having been introduced to each other, you may climb your elephant’s enormous back and start the entertaining and educative safari. Step by step the gentle animal will carry you through the thick of the bush, serenely swinging from one side to the other.


Observe the African savannah’s natural beauty from a different perspective: Ride through the treetops, peep into bird’s nests and look the soaring giraffes in the eye.


In the golden light of the late afternoon, one of the most appealing safaris starts. See the startlingly beautiful sunset in the savannah and take a little refreshment, always remembering to share with your elephant, at a table decorated with fresh flowers and romantically framed by lanterns casting warm light and long shadows.


The best finale to the interlude is a good wine served from a crystal decanter before turning home and experiencing a safari by night. Feel free to loose yourself in the billions of stars accompanying you home or the many eyes lighting up along your path; your elephant will safely take you home with unerring steps.


Having made friends with your long-nosed safari companion, you may personally take him to the stables and care for him should you wish to do so. A keeper will lend you advice and indicate the tools and provisions you may need.


It is an elephant’s favourite pastime to splash around in the river or in the mud. Take your camera and capture their endearing mischievousness.


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Camp Jabulani’s six comfortable suites are designed in a typical African fashion: high, thatched roofs, fine timber and elegant African decorations create a wildly romantic safari ambience.


Enjoy read more » the sensation of being as far from the hectic troubles of every day life as it gets. Indulge in the privacy and the tasteful style of the oil paintings combined with indigenous artefacts. Your have come to the perfect place to recharge your energy.


The Jabunlani’s architects have gone to great trouble to include ingenious features like the retractable walls which may be pulled aside during the day to allow the sensation of sitting in the middle of the bush while still enjoying the comforts of your lounge.


The savannah’s fine dust covering your skin, why not use the large bathtub or the exciting open-air shower? Your suite also features a small swimming pool perfect for a refreshing dip.


On hot days, the ceiling ventilator stirs up a gentle breeze while cool evening are especially delightful with a flickering, crackling fire spreading warmth and sending out dancing lights from the large, open fireplace.


Serve yourself a drink from the well-stocked mini bar and indulge! Pleasantly tired but relaxed after a long day spent in the bush on safari, give yourself up to the comforts of the large, cosy beds and your own sweet dreams.


In the winter months, heated blankets will add extra cosiness to your bed. Your suite also includes a safe among its facilities which will guard your personal valuables.


At sunrise or sunset step through the large doors onto your private veranda to savour the magic of the moment: The sharp contrasts and the gleaming sun setting the green paradise on fire.


Come to Camp Jabulani and feel like a king in an enchanted kingdom. Spend memorable days in South Africa! A personal butler will take care of your every whish.


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The exciting safaris high upon a gentle elephant’s back will leave you thrilled. However, there are also many other activities at Camp Jabulani that will let your precious time fly by.


Doubtlessly, read more » the Jabulani’s first-class spa has a great appeal. The focus lies on Mother Nature’s healing and revitalising secrets. The scent of quality oils infuses the air. Massage butters bear promising names like “Lala” (sleep), “Kama” (touch) or “Lerato” (love).


Relax under the caring and professional hands applying soothing open-air massages or therapies accompanied by the wild bush’s chorus, a gentle breeze caressing your kneaded skin.


The open-air fitness facilities offer not only the adequate instruments to train every muscle but also the stimulating atmosphere of the surrounding bush. Finish by visiting the camp’s sauna to match the exertion with the appropriate relaxation.


The exciting game drives in open 4x4 vehicles are an authentic African adventure. With only a little luck you may spot the famous Big Five. However, the region includes many other exotic species among its inhabitants.


Learn how to tell the various species of birds apart from their song only or follow a baboon to its secret haunts hidden deep in the bush. The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, founded by Lente Roode, is located at only thirty minutes driving distance.


The centre is dedicated to raising and protecting the native endangered species. You are welcome to witness the important work and participate wherever possible. Many different species are represented and your may, for example, watch the feeding of extremely rare vultures.


The animal hospital accepts all wildlife found hurt or orphaned. The animals are healed and again released into the wild after regaining their strength. Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled by the loving care the animals receive and the possibility to observe the many rare species from up close.


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