Botswana -

- Nature and Luxury Par Excellence -

When you've experienced the natural wonders of Botswana, you'll be changed forever. It's almost impossible to describe the experience of travelling in a Mokoro - a dugout canoe - through the flooded world of the Okavango delta.


The crystal clear water of the delta shimmers under the boat; in the distance you can hear the hippos, an elephant wades past almost silently, and the only sound you hear is the rustling of the papyrus reeds as the boat glides through.

The peace and majesty that a Mokoro safari offers is hard to compare with any other kind of safari adventure in the world. And that goes for the Delta itself. Here you'll begin to understand why Botswana is one of the natural paradises of Africa and why it is known as the pearl of southern Africa.

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There are only 1.6 million people living here, in a land almost as large as France. The Kalahari Desert and wide-ranging bush land and tropical savannah take up plenty of the land. For Africa insiders, Botswana is very well-known for its immense animal populations. For example, there are more elephants living in the Kwando Reserve area than in the rest of southern Africa combined.

A trip to Botswana is one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world. The land offers so many luxury travel possibilities. We seek to appeal to an exclusive clientele, who is willing to set the protection of the natural wonder of the land above the price of a ticket. The land is aware of its treasure, and promotes gentle, ecologically friendly tourism. Therefore, the lodges and camps are mostly small, with service that is personal and accommodating.

Even the camps that are in the "middle" class category could teach some first class hotels a thing or two. Over and above that, there are some absolutely spectacular accommodation possibilities available, starting with the Abu Camp, in the head of the Okavango Delta.

Naturally, the internal routes of Botswana and the deltas are serviced by small private air companies, which will whisk you safely from station to station. 

Of course, this kind of service has its price. Botswana is undoubtedly one of the most expensive destinations in the world, but also one of the most exceptional ones. Therefore, it's rare to be able to plan a week in the Okvango Delta from Germany for less than 4,500 euros per person. But on the other hand, there aren't many places in the world offering such natural highlights, so close you can almost touch it, combined with such a comfort.

The money that the tourist industry brings in is partly used to preserve these natural wonders. The bigger safari providers in the Okavango Delta and in Linyanti pay millions yearly to use the parks and protected areas, which protects them from hunters and misuse.

When you have seen the breathtaking flora and fauna of this region, you'll realise the scope of these treasures, and the importance of this protection. Our "Botswana-fire" began burning on our very first visit, and hasn't been extinguished yet. Therefore, we look at our clients with just a little bit of jealousy each time, as they're off to experience the natural wonders of Botswana. We'd love to go, too! Sometimes we can still hear the sounds of the Hippos in our ears, as they graze around the camps, and smell the smoke of the campfires, burning under the breathtaking starry skies.

Botswana has touched our soul, in a way unlike any other country on Earth. Experience of the last natural paradises of the world, and come with us to Botswana: we promise you an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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