Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta - Africa's Number One Nature Attraction

A green oasis in the middle of the dry wasteland of the Kalahari Desert with an incalculable number of wild animals! Crystal clear waters, idyllic palm islands, and luxury safari camps. Welcome to the Okavango Delta!

The Okavango Delta, the "Jewel of Botswana", is the world's largest inland river delta and is considered the most breathtaking natural wonder of Africa.

An endless landscape of swamps, waterways and islands cover some 1.6 million hectares. This region supports enormous numbers of animals and birds. From the air, the Delta becomes an extensive labyrinth of waterways, islands, seasonal floodplains and bushland.

The secluded location and sheer size of the Delta kept the throngs of mass tourism far away. In this part of Africa, safaris are adventurous and special - not just from an organisational point of view, but also regarding the wildlife population.

Add to that the spectacular landscape... every safari - whether on water or on land - becomes a unique experience! A spectacle of epic proportions can be experienced during the African winter nights when herds of buffalos travel through the dry flood plains.

Packs of wild African dogs, which hunt twice a day for their pups, guarantee excitement. In the summer time, the lagoon is beautiful and calm. In the winter time, on the contrary, it becomes quite wild.

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