Kamalaya Resort


The Kamalaya is celebrated for its elegant and highly complete wellness and spa paradise set on the wonderful island Koh Samui. Having scored several awards and international recognition, the Kamalaya offers a wide programme range including yoga lessons, stress and burnout programmes and therapies dedicated to improving your physical and psychic fitness.


At the heart of the resort, an antique grotto has been cut into the rock uncounted ages ago. Once upon a time, this cave served as a retreat read more » for Buddhist monks. The site was used for meditation rituals. The Kamalaya has preserved some of these traditions.


Incidentally, the name Kamalaya has its symbolic meaning: The word Kamal means “lotus“ and “Alaya” as much as “kingdom” – once a powerful symbol for the growth and development of the human mind.


The Kamalaya places great importance on the harmony between body, mind and soul. The therapies conceptual design rests on three pillars: the place, the holistic concept and the human being. Its aim is to help you attain perfect wellbeing of body, mind and soul.


The Kamalaya unites the traditions of ancient healing lore and spirituality with an energy-generating environment and invites you to discover the limitless possibilities of life! « show less


The luxurious Kamalaya Hotel and Spa offers a vast range of accommodation categories serving every guest’s needs and requirements.


The twenty four cosy rooms facing the hillside charm the guest with read more » their simple but delightful design that includes furniture made with natural, local materials. The rooms are located adjacent to a hill that boast the yoga pavilion. All of these rooms treat you to a breathtaking view of the ocean and islands landscape.


Generous thirty five square metres large, the rooms offer ample facilities like an air-conditioning system, refrigerator and yoga mats best used on the private balcony.


The ocean view from the Kamalaya’s ten suites is quite simply stunning. The harmonic and stylish design seemingly erases all divisions and creates abundant space for you to unfold.


The sixty five square metres large units’ highlights are the wonderful terraces that command a panoramic view of the idyllic island and the glittering ocean reaching for the horizon.


A unique feature of the suites, the units include an exciting outdoor shower and bathtub. What could be more wonderful than to take a leisurely soak under the blinking night sky? And then, of course, the suites include an individual air-conditioning system and a refrigerator stocked with drinks and snacks.


Nothing less than a small piece of paradise, the nineteen exquisite villas are just perfect for taking the soul on holiday. Soak up the sun on your private terrace or sip a cocktail on your sunlounger. Most of the units include bathrooms that open onto the surrounding nature. Additional amenities include air-conditioning and a mini bar.


Those that place special importance on supreme privacy may want to consider one of the two Beach Villas set at different sites on the vast Kamalaya Resort’s property. Certainly the most striking feature, one of the units is set atop a rugged granite rock.


In the day, rest your eyes on the immaculate stretch of private beach from high atop your lofty perch. The second unit, though it does not feature the cliff setting, has the advantage of being located directly on the beach, with a terrace just above the beach and the ocean. Both Villas offer supreme luxuries and well protected privacy.


Set atop a projection of the cliff, the large Rock Top Villa dominates its position like a crowning jewel. It does not only offer vastly abundant space for you to spread out, but also a luxurious charm on two floors.


The intriguing architecture includes such extravagant details like a natural rock wall and large, imposing timber pillars. The villa includes two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a spacious living room and a large terrace furnished with sun-loungers.


And then, finally, there is the Kamalaya Wellness Resort und Spa’s Villa with a private pool Feast your eyes on the panorama and cool off with a splash in the pool located in your private courtyard, adjacent to the generous living room. Just perfect! « show less


The Kamalaya has put together a spa and wellness programme designed to re-establish your inner balance and promote supreme wellbeing!


First and foremost, the Kamalaya’s highly effective body cleansing read more » and detoxification programmes deserve mention. The traditional therapies clean and revitalise body, mind and soul.


Of course, the therapies would not be complete without the culinary complementation from the Kamalaya’s diverse, delicious and healthy detox cuisine.


No matter whether you decide on the standard or the intensive therapy, you may not only look forward to improved general health but also to more energy and vitality.


And then, there are the Kamalaya’s renowned stress and burnout programmes that can be tailored to every taste and necessity. All of the Kamalaya’s treatments are designed to improve your wellbeing.


Modern science is coupled with traditional health lore based on Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Thai treatments. Learn and let yourself be guided on the way to perfect relaxation and regeneration.


Those that suffer from trouble sleeping may join the programme Healthy Sleep. Your individual problems will be addressed with a mix of naturopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and various massage techniques.


The programme serves both as a preventive and a therapeutic measure and takes into account personal sleep rhythms, bodily functions, stress and tensions that may affect the wholesome and invigorating properties of healthy sleep.


Another highly popular option is the private Yoga Synergy Course. Quite naturally, the course is tailored to your specific requests and needs. Select massages and Ayurveda treatments complement the yoga lessons. Both yoga newbies and advanced participants are welcome!


Maybe your concern is to regain your perfect weight and waist line? The Ideal Weight programme addresses your physical misbalance and strives for lasting weight control and increased wellbeing.


Acquire optimal fitness and a healthy lifestyle with the help of a tailored fitness programme designed by a highly experienced personal trainer. The tailored training sessions achieve their best results in combination with the holistic spa treatments and the Kamalaya’s healthy cuisine! Just perfect! « show less