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Luxury Travel Oman – the Original Arabia

Where does the nutmeg come from? And the incense? Which was the country where Sindbad the Sailor had his adventures? – a million dollar questions, with one common answer: the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman offers a fascinating history and surprising diversity. There is plenty to discover, not least of all a variety of charming landscapes that have earned the country its nickname “pearl of Arabia”.

And certainly, there is exuberant luxury in Oman even though mass tourism is yet something unheard of. Celebrated hotel chains like the Ritz-Carlton, the Shangri-La and the Hyatt have discovered the county on the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Oman does not need to fear any comparison with other Arabian destination like the United Emirates. Oman is quieter, however.

The 2.4 million Omanis are proud of their ancient history as well as their their scenic and prosperous country. The Musandam Peninsula is located in the country’s North, stretching a long finger into the Strait of Hormuz.

Another of Oman’s major attractions is the capital city Muscat – an Arabian wonderland full of modern life and ancient buildings. It is fascinating city that looks back on uncounted centuries of a proud and prolific history.