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Fascinating Yogyakarta is located on the southern coast of Java. Yogyakarta is the name of the region, a separate administration entity and local capital. Steeped in Javanese culture and art, Yogyakarta looks back on a long history as one of Indonesia’s cultural hotspots. However, it is not only tradition and established crafts like batik dying, traditional painting, the game Wayang and the Gamelan music that have given rise to Yogyakarta’s artistic fame, the city is alive with contemporary movements, trends and styles. Arts are doubtlessly one of the city’s main topics. This is also reflected in Yogyakarta’s countless universities, arts, music and dance schools, making it one of Indonesia’s most important education centres. There is no better place to experience the local culture and everyday life than Malioboro Street. Famous for its lively flair, bustling crowds, batik and souvenir stores as well as exotic cuisine, the street has become a popular attraction. Yogyakarta’s cultural wealth is coupled with historic sites and sights around every other corner. At an easy day-trip’s range, the temples Borobudur and Prambanan represent some of the most important historic, religious and architectural landmarks in the country. Borobudur is located at a mere 42 kilometres north west and ranks as the world’s largest Buddhist temple. From 1973 to 1984, it was painstakingly unearthed and restored to glory. In 1991 it received a listing as a UNESCO world heritage site. A stroll along the ancient paths and across the vast terraces certainly leaves a lasting impression. Prambanan, no less impressive, was constructed in honour of a different religion – testimony to Java’s great cultural and religious diversity. Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and located just eighteen kilometres outside of Yogyakarta. The Sultan’s Kraton Palace dominates the heart of the old town. Vast 14,000 square metres large, it is in fact a city within a city. Today, parts of the 1750 palace have been opened to the public. A museum recreates traditional court sceneries complete with historic artefacts like the traditional dresses of days gone by. Another highly recommendable attraction is the Taman Sare Water Castle. You will not be the first to take pleasure in a visit to this luxurious retreat built from 1758 to 1765. In former days, it accommodated the sultan’s harem. Sadly, the place lies in ruins and only the surrounding pools have been refurbished. The Taman Sare Water Palace’s name goes back to an artificial lake that flooded the surroundings to the point that access to the castle was possible only by boat. The region is magical! Learn more about its magic and myths. Many are connected to the Merapi Volcano, one of Indonesia’s most active. Welcome to Yogyakarta!
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Borobudur Temple

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