There are few places that make you feel as close to heaven as the boardwalk traversing the Knysna River at lofty heights. The river gracefully winds its way through the hinterland before emerging into the Knysna Lagoon and subsequently the Indian Ocean.

In the backdrop, the Outeniqua Mountains reach into the sky and slope down to the Knysna Forest at the yoga student’s feet. 

The Edge House No 6, also known as the House of Health and Healing, opened in 2012 and becomes the main retreat for the YOGAafrican Nature programme. 

Greet the new day’s first timid rays of sunshine and prepare for the first yoga lesson with freshly brewed coffee and scrambled eggs. 

Welcome to a holiday dedicated to yoga at the heart of some of Africa’s most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The Garden Route’s great natural splendour has inspired poets, artists, writers: Someone recently called it Africa’s Tasmania. 

The boundless wilderness of the Knysna Forest and the Tsitsikamma National Park tempt the visitor with exceptional hikes to hidden waterfalls and marvellous natural formations. And then, of course, there are the Indian Ocean’s picture-perfect sand beaches.

In fact, it is quite a unique combination: Pristine wilderness and immaculate beaches side by side. But Knysna and South Africa’s Garden Route throw even more attractions into the bargain. 

Not far away, Africa’s largest cave system, the celebrated Cango Caves, welcomes visitors. Experience an exceptional Silent Walk in between of ancient stalactites and stalagmites. 

The yoga sessions, almost as a general rule, take place in extravagant settings: High atop a mountain peak, on a lonely beach or on a deck reaching out over the gently whispering Knysna River. 

After a long and inspiring day with intensive yoga classes, a two-hour hike and evening meditation, the sun finally dips down low to kiss the horizon, bathing the landscape in a soft golden glow. The velvety night implies a peaceful silence. 

The Edge House No 6 is more than mere accommodation. Its intriguing architecture goes hand in hand with its setting on a hill amidst the mountain landscape, lush forests and the Knysna Lagoon. 

The yoga activities offered include lessons for beginners and advanced students, silent walks and meditation. It goes without saying that the beautiful surroundings demand exploration either with a sturdy pair of hiking boots, bicycles or a boat.

But then, of course, you may also decide to just take it slow back at the Edge House No 6: sampling the exquisite cuisine or just day dreaming, your eyes resting on the view. It is the perfect place to complement the yoga sessions.

Experience YOGAafrican Nature with INTOSOL. Ask our experienced team of travel consultants for more information. We are looking forward to your call!

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