UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Highlights Vietnam

Allow INTOSOL to lead you away on a seven day journey to the most celebrated UNESCO world cultural heritage sites in beautiful Vietnam. Explore the bizarre but stunningly scenic Ha Long Bay. Travel back through the centuries and learn more about the oriental country’s people and turbulent history. After all, Vietnam can proudly look back upon a four thousand years old culture. A magnificent experience! You Vietnam holiday of a lifetime begins with a comfortable flight to Ha Noi, Vietnam’s capital city. Located in the north, it is one of the country’s major trading and commerce hubs. Unless you request a few additional days in the city, we will whisk you away in fine style with a private chauffeur to the UNESCO heritage Ha Long Bay. Your Vietnam experience starts with a sensation: Explore the picturesque Ha Long Bay aboard a traditional junk, the typical sailing boat formerly used to fish or to transport cargo. Of course, the venerated ship has been painstakingly overhauled and renovated, boasting state-of-the-art creature comforts. Cruise past the bizarre rock formations that rise dramatically out of the crystal-clear water. In total, Ha Long Bay sports more than three thousand of the stone fingers sticking out of the sea. Dusk is certainly the most sensational time of the day here, when the setting sun casts a magic glow onto the scenery. The Vietnamese junk’s tender boats shuttle you across to the famous Thien Cung Grotto. Here, stalagmites and stalactites compete in their epic race to meet each other. Admire the bizarre formation and glittering minerals. Finally, you arrive at Titov Beach: Take a dip in the welcomingly warm water and dry off beneath the tropic sun. You spend the night aboard the junk sailboat. In the morning, open your eyes to the infinite blue of the ocean and the dancing reflection of the rising sun. You ship will point its bow towards Ha Long and cruises past a number of islands sporting lofty retreats far above the water line. Your highlight for today is a visit to the famous Thap Pagoda. Boasting a traditional, clever and graceful architecture, the Buddhist Pagoda was once built as a monastery. Afterwards, your journey continues in the local fashion: a highly comfortable night train headed for Dong Hoi. Alternatively, you may also decide to speed things up with a flight from Ha Noi to Dong Hoi. You wake up perfectly rested in Dong Hoi. A short ride later, you arrive at the unique Phong Nha National Park. More than 86,000 hectares large, it shares a border with the Kingdom of Laos. Phong Nha boasts magnificent tropical nature. But what is more, it also protects a vast cave system that is traversed by countless waterways that join forces to form a giant waterfall. It is a complex ecosystem that provides a habitat for uncountable species of flora and fauna. Consequently, the Phong Nha National Park was declared a natural heritage in 2003. Vietnam is more than temples and nature. Most importantly, there are the Vietnamese people. On a visit to the rural area Chay Lap you will get to know the local population, who will give you a detailed tour of their traditional village. Learn from the locals! Today you will receive a first-hand impression of what life in the country in Vietnam is like. Join the friendly locals in their everyday activities and ride a bicycle to Mooc Feder Creek, where hot springs are found. At night, you will be put up with a Vietnamese family in a home-stay. The new day for new adventures starts with a kayak tour of the Chay River. Glide down the stream and admire the lush vegetation interspersed by tiny villages. Afterwards, you visit the breathtakingly beautiful Paradise Cave. The ancient rock formations have formed with the passing of the millennia. You continue your journey en route to Hue. At the Ben Hai River you arrive at the famous Hien Luong Bridge that connects North with South Vietnam. It is a location steeped in the history of the Vietnam War. At night, stroll Hue’s streets at ease and treat yourself to a delicious gourmet dinner. On day five you will explore the romantic Perfume River. Glide down the scenic river aboard a comfortable boat to the Thien Mu Pagoda. In fact, the Thien Mu Pagoda is composed of a series of buildings that combine to form an impressive monastery, which also includes some of the oldest buildings in Hue. Pass through the imposing gates and visit the Imperial City, seat of Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945. Pace the halls of kings and emperors. Later, having dropped all royal pretense, visit the Dong Ba Market in the old town. The market may serve as a perfect introduction to the Vietnamese culture and cuisine. Bustling crowds flock to the stands offering fresh fruit, vegetables, grain, shoes, clothes and other tidbits. In the afternoon, you will visit the venerated gravesites of the the emperor Khai Dinh and Tu Duc. Elaborate dragon statues adorn the gravesites! The last stop of the day will be the traditional village dedicated to manufacturing the popular incense sticks. Observe the nimble workers at their trade. Time to leave Hue en route for the Hai Van Pass. Also known as the Cloud Pass, the Hai Van Pass separates North from South Vietnam geographically but also in terms of the climate. Twenty kilometres long, it lies at a height of 496 metres above sea level. From its highest point you enjoy a magnificent view out over the ocean. Incidentally, both the road and the railway use the Hai Van Pass. Visit the Cham Museum to find out more about these people and the close relationships that link the peoples of Southeast Asia in general. In the afternoon, you visit the historic city Hoi An, in former days the most important harbour for shipping silk in all of Asia. The old day wealth is still apparent in the historic centre. Stroll the alleyways and markets and visit the venerated, traditional architecture house Tan Ky. The Fujian Assemble Hall is characterised by its richly decorated gate and the charming courtyard complete with a fountain. The main hall accommodates a shrine portraying elaborately carved dragon figures. Incidentally, the ancient trade of producing silk is still alive in Hoi An. It will be a pleasure for the locals to show you the silk worms. The last day of your lifetime Vietnam round trip begins with an excursion through a lush valley headed for the celebrated temple My Son. A Hindu temple, the ancient buildings still radiate their glory of past days, despite severe destruction during the war. In great parts, the temple lies in ruins. The brick towers were constructed between the 7th and 13th century and declared a world heritage by the UNESCO. They are a relic from the once mighty Champa reign. Stroll the streets once more and soak up the flair of Vietnam with its multi-cultural origin, its troubled history and blossoming future. Revisit the numerous impressions of the past days while, unfortunately, you head back to the airport. Hopefully, you can continue your journey and keep travelling to other wonders or just to one of the marvellous beaches for a relaxing spell with sun, sand and sea! Let us know about your plans and ideas!
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