- A Kingdom of Smiles at the Heart of Southeast Asia -

Possibly you have come across the abbreviation LOS in reference to Thailand? LOS stands for “Land Of Smile”, officially recognising the Thais’ unique and warm-hearted friendliness that strikes every visitor.

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Visit beautiful Thailand and experience the legendary Thai hospitality first-hand on an exciting and luxurious INTOSOL holiday in the land of smiles.

Certainly, the abundant smiles are a striking feature, however, there is a lot more to discover and the Thai tourism bureau’s slogan “Amazing Thailand – always amazes you” is not unfounded. Thailand is highly diverse both in landscapes and culture. The countries celebrated treasures as well as the hidden jewels are spellbinding and Thailand’s intriguing contrasts never cease to surprise.

The Kingdom of Thailand stretches from the Himalayan foothills in the north past vibrant cities and magnificent temples on the Mekong to the white sand beaches kissed by glittering blue sea in the south. No matter whether you have come to spend a hiking, a city or a beach holiday, Thailand has just the right region with just the right set of attractions for just about every traveller.

Adventurous explorers who arrive with the hiking boots already laced up may want to explore the far north. The provinces Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai invite you to explore rolling hills and fertile fields nestling between winding rivers and rising mountains. It is a region perfect to slow down, resting your eyes on the serene landscapes far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Visit off the beaten track temples and small, traditional villages, where you may try the local specialities offered to you by the welcoming country folk.

Thailand’s cities are a different story altogether – especially intriguing Bangkok. The city is alive with lively crowds, countless shops and traditional markets. Bangkok is a peculiar mélange of contemporary internationalism and age-old traditions. Visitors from all over the world flock to Bangkok: Some to raid the boutiques, others to admire the palaces. Most come for both.

The Grand Palace certainly ranks high on the things-to-do list. Later, learn more about Bangkok’s turbulent history or visit the floating markets on the vast canal system. Days can be spent in Bangkok, each one rewarding the visitor with new impressions!

Thailand’s south is different altogether. Where there is bustling activity in Bangkok and the central provinces, there is quiet beauty in the south: wonderful beaches, lush tropical vegetation and countless islands beneath blue skies and bright sun. The south is the perfect destination for those in search of relaxation and beach thrills. The most popular beach haunts can be found near Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui Island. Dig your toes into the warm, white sand and unplug from everyday life.

The crystal clear water is just perfect for a refreshing dip and furthermore promises superb visibility on a diving excursion. On a different day, skip across the waves on a jet-ski or venture out into the rainforest securely mounted high atop a gently swaying elephant.

Thailand – smiles, sun, sand, sea and sights! Our INTOSOL travel consultants are looking forward to tailoring you a personalised luxury itinerary!

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