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Dynamic Metropolis watched over by the Merlion

Singapore is a modern, bustling and dynamic one-city island state located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a country that is tiny is size but proud and incredibly rich in history and culture. It is comprised of a main island, three larger and a total of 56 small islands. Added up, the total landmass roughly twice the size of the Isle of Wight. Regardless of its size, Singapore is a home to approximately 5.3 million of just about every race and culture imaginable. The city itself occupies the largest part of the island nation and is inhabited by four million people. Like a gem that sparkles and reflects all the colours of the rainbow when turned, Singapore radiates a multi- faceted flair and boasts countless attractions. Many entertaining days may be spent admiring the soaring skyscrapers, colonial villas, Christian churches and Oriental temples, museums and theme parks, nature reserves and zoological gardens, cutting edge shopping malls and beautiful sand beaches. Soak up the magic of Singapore and become intimate with the cultural potpourri, the highly diverse cuisine and fascinating history. The National Museum explains the formation of the city state and the Singapore Art Museum boasts a magnificent collection of Asian art. The Singapore River is the city’s artery and lies flanked by skyscrapers and stately colonial residences. Cross the Cavenagh Bridge to immerse yourself completely in the colonial flair: Stroll past the white statue of Sir Raffles, the 1827 City Hall and the Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall. Singapore’s famous landmark, the Merlion, is also located on the river. The statue and the name “Merlion” are a fusion of the Mermaid and the Lion. The legendary Merlion is Singapore’s mythological patron saint and stands watch over the city. The Singapore’s Zoo is another hot recommendation and one of finest institutions of its kind world-wide! Opened in 1973, it attracts a steady 1.4 million visitors a year! Apart from the diurnal section, the Singapore Zoo furthermore boasts a nocturnal section with a special lighting system to allow the visitor to observe the otherwise very reclusive wildlife. The celebrated Orchard Road, rather than flowers, offers world-class shopping. The elegant tree-lined boulevard is lined by superb malls and elegant boutiques, partly connected by air-conditioned walkways. Singapore would not be complete without its China Town dating back to 1821 – it is incredibly rich in contrasts. Apart from the city’s oldest Hindu temple, you may come past mosques and beautiful restored, traditional Chinese shop houses. Surely, you have heard about Singapore’s strict policies concerning cleanliness. It is the world’s most impeccable city and furthermore includes several wonderful and spotless parks and gardens. The Fort Canning Park is well known for a number of attractions: Take a break from the city sights and amble down the paths navigating the lush vegetation, discovering the gothic gates, Singapore’s oldest cemetery, the Spice Gardens and a botanical garden dating back to 1822. Singapore is a fascinating city, moreover applaudably clean and safe. Every twist of the road reveals another facet and the hotels are state-of-the-art. Allow INTOSOL to lend you a hand with the planning and arranging – and just lean back and look forward to great time in Southeast Asia!
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