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Globetrotters in search of the Italian heart and soul invariably need to direct their steps towards Sicily! However, this is no new realisation: More than 200 years ago the great German author Goethe wrote: “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and located south-west off the tip of the Italian boot, separated from the Italian mainland by the 3.2 kilometres wide Strait of Messina. Geologically speaking, Sicily is the remnant of a isthmus that once linked Europe to Africa. The bridge is broken but what remains is the great natural beauty, the scenic landscapes, quiet beaches and countless historic sites, reminders of Italy's long and fascinating history. Above it all there rises Sicily's great, thunderous landmark: the Etna Volcano. At 3345 metres above sea level the famous Etna dominates the landscape of East Sicily. The fearless may climb the active volcano and are rewarded with a stunning view all around! Another option to experience the fiery mountain is a ride on the Circumetnea, the Etna train that takes right around the Etna through magnificent landscapes - and all that in all comfort. The point of departure is Catania, the second largest city on Sicily and certainly a cultural heavyweight. Stroll the largest fish market on the island, savouring the sights and scents, or snap a few pictures of the elephant fountain on the Piazza Del Duomo. The East Coast has a lot to offer: High above the Ionian Sea, nestling on platforms amidst the cliffs, lies Taormina. The spectacular setting, the lush vegetation, mild climate and ancient history have earned Taormina the charming nickname “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. Make yourself comfortable at one of the luxurious hotels or visit one of the stylish, terraced cafés with a view of the glittering Ionian Sea and the Etna's snow-capped flanks. Having enjoyed the sights in the East, turn your gaze north towards Sicily's capital city Palermo. It is in Palermo that Sicily's heartbeat can be felt strongest. Palermo is the cultural and economic engine of the island. At every other corner you stumble across historic monuments that link the past to the present day. Quattro Canti – Four Corners is Palermo's oldest part of the city that boasts an abundance of attractions. And then, of course, there is the legendary Sicilian cuisine. The fine local products can be found at the traditional markets and sampled at any of the many stalls. A special recommendation goes to the ice-cream, by general opinion the best in the world! Saddle up and explore the larger Palermo region: Wine connoisseurs will want to taste the bottled treasures produced around the small village Marsala. Tripani has a pristine nature reserve and Cefalu and Segesta transport you back to days long gone by. No matter where your journey through Sicily takes you, you will find it quite impossible not to fall for the delightful melange of sunshine, Italian hospitality, Greek history, scrumptious delicacies, breathtaking panoramas and, last but not least, the charming, passionate and welcoming Sicilians!
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