Shumbalala Lodge


“I had a farm in Africa…“ thus begins the romantic 1985 movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. The fantastic Shumbalala Lodge in the world-famous Kruger National Park might well have served as a stunning movie setting.


Each room of the enticing lodge was designed with great attention to detail, the furniture and decoration betraying exquisite taste and dedication. Warm, ochre hues and natural materials underpin the incomparably comfortable ambience.


Set amidst read more » great natural beauty, under the shade of the wide-branching trees along the Monwana River in the province Limpopo, the first-class Shumbalala Lodge is an insider’s tip for discerning guests seeking to combine refined luxury with maximum privacy.


“Charming all the senses“ – this credo is clearly apparent in the Shumbalala’s excellent cuisine. No matter which of the many delicacies you sample, your palate will again and again be thrilled by the intense sensations.


The Shumbalala Lodge’s platforms with their fantastic views are the perfect seasoning mix for a delicious meal. Those who prefer a classic romantic candle-light dinner will appreciate the elegant dining room and the supremely comfortable spot in front of the large fireplace.


The options to indulge are endless but should definitely include an open-air boma, the African feast around the crackling campfire. Feel the heat from the fire on your face and the sun-blessed flavour of one of the wine cellar’s treasures on your tongue.


The Lodge’s excellent selection of wines may be sampled directly at the wine cellar which grants a view of the nearby waterhole which attracts plenty of game. What an experience to taste the fruits of the finest vineyards and observe Mother Nature’s creatures simultaneously!


Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary Shumbalala Lodge and the pristine nature!


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“Charming all the senses“ – this is also true for the highly luxurious accommodations at the Shumbalala Lodge. The small total of a mere five rooms ensure maximum privacy and exclusive lodgings.


It read more » is not without reason that the Shumbalala’s number of faithful regular guests rises year by year. The natural beauty and the many unique features are time-tested reasons to return to this place of extraordinary appeal.


The five exquisite suites are divided into four Luxury Suites and a Presidential Suite featuring two bedrooms. All five are equally suited to guarantee a memorable holiday in South Africa.


Reviving past days, the bedroom’s colonial style and the large, cosy beds will let your feel at home at once. It is such a simple but always pleasant comfort to come home after a long day spent in the bush on safari and let oneself sink into the welcoming cushions of a waiting bed.


Not only does the large mosquito net add exotic flair but in South Africa it is also a highly useful feature that will let your sleep peacefully, the ceiling ventilator stirring up a calm breeze.


Should you desire to take the edge out of the African heat, the air-conditioning promises fast relief. In the cold season, a flickering fire will turn your suite into a snug hideaway of cosy warmth and dancing lights. Add a glass of wine, stir, and let the romantic night simmer for as long as you please…


The finely-appointed bathrooms feature every amenity desirable; getting up in the mornings will become a pleasure. Those who like to start the day with streaming water and fresh air can step outside and use the exciting outdoor shower.


Your private viewing platform is the perfect spot to kick back and relax. Let your eyes rest on the stunning scenery, observe the animals passing by or follow the quick birds darting from tree to tree.


The President Suite offers the Shumbalala Lodge’s ultimate luxury. In addition to the other suites already highly comfortable facilities, the Presidential Suite features a second bedroom, a separate dining room, a large lounge and a private pool.


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“Where the lion sleeps tonight…“ Guests of the Shumbalala Lodge will be right at the heart of one of the world’s most exciting safari destinations. Having not experienced a safari before, the exclusive read more » lodge and the exciting safaris will take you by storm.


The unspoiled region’s magic beauty charms the visitors. Animal enthusiast will relish the plentiful opportunities to spot Africa’s Big Five which naturally inhabit the area.


Experienced rangers and capable trackers introduce the guests to the wonders of the bush on guided hikes, allowing for intense observation and contact with the Kruger Park’s many inhabitants at a tranquil pace.


Your guides will supply unlimited information on the animals, their individual habits and the complex connections dictating the terms of this fascinating ecosystem. In the mornings and in the evenings you have the option to join a game drive in an open 4x4 which will cover a larger circuit.


Be sure to bring you camera so as not to miss out on the countless chances to take the perfect shot of a majestic elephant striding past, the leopard, swift as an arrow, rhinos, buffaloes or the royal lions to mention just some of the species which might be encountered.


Of course, your day should not be filled with dusty but adventurous safaris alone. Upon your return to the lodge, relax and spend some easy hours by the pool or retreat into the Shumbalala’s library for a good book and some peace and quite.


Start the afternoon with a steaming, fresh coffee served in the coffee lounge. The lodge’s many viewing platforms serve as perfect vantage points to observe the Limpopo’s diverse bird life. At the souvenir shop you will find the perfect present for your loved ones at home.


What are you waiting for? The Shumbalala Lodge and African bush are out there, waiting for you!


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