The Seychelles -

- Sparkling Gems in the Indian Ocean -

The Seychelles – the name alone paints mental pictures of white beaches lined by palm trees, turquoise bays and outstanding luxury hotels. Without any room for doubt, no other archipelago lives up to the paradise-on-earth standard set by the Seychelles.

Those countless images of perfect beaches causing your step to falter in front of the travel agencies…? Chances are high they were shot on the Seychelles. For good reason, countless photographers and advertising film-makers visit the islands each year. Ironically, no caribbean location could measure up to the advertisers’ expectations.

The spots for a well known brand of rum were secretly shot on the Seychelles. The beaches Anse Lazio on Praslin and Anse Sevère on La Digue star in the ad.


It is here that they may be found: the icing-sugar beaches, sometimes so overwhelmingly beautiful, your holiday photos will seem like fakes. Lush, green mountains and towering granite formations provide a stunning background for the perfect beaches on the Inner Seychelles.

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There is a general difference between the Inner and the Outer Seychelles aside from the implied geographic reference. While the Inner Seychelles are mostly granite islands, the Outer Seychelles are coral islands. Those who travel to the Seychelles are usually on a common quest: peace and quiet infused with pristine nature. In the case of the Seychelles, ultimate comfort is not a sacrifice you will have to make to reach these goals. Some of the world’s most inspiring and luxurious resort hotels can be found on the islands.

The most notable among them is the Resort Frégate Island Private. Frégate Island has deservedly been described as the world’s most beautiful island by numerous globetrotters and travel magazines. Wherever on the Seychelles your steps may lead you – you will be charmed by the archipelago’s incredibly friendly and warm-hearted natives, clear cut shapes and vibrant colours providing a stimulating setting.

For the INTOSOL Team, it is the highest pleasure to introduce you to this island paradise. Talk to us and trust in us. Our experience and dedication will sculpture a tailor-made holiday of superlatives in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

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