Sasaab Camp


The Sasaab Camp easily ranks as the region’s most luxurious accommodation option and is located west of the Samburu Park. The setting is perfect: High above the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River on the fringe of the Samburu National Reserve Mount Kenya’s lushly forested slopes blend with barren desert landscapes and the Laikipia Plateau sweeping vastness.


Just as diverse, the Sasaab Camp itself betrays Moorish and Arabic influences in addition to the African style. The high Makuti roof and the read more » open architecture guarantee a reliable, fresh breeze and breathtaking views out over the Ewaso Nyiro River valley.


Set on a slight elevation above the Samburu Park, the luxurious suites are accommodated in eight chalets, 100 square metres large. In total, the refined luxury units may accommodate up to 18 guests, including the family suite. The cosy flair is influenced by a carefully balanced Moroccan style.


Each chalet offers a private pool that is just perfect for a refreshing dip whenever required. Of course, you may also go for a swim in the large main pool. Afterwards, dry off with a good book in the shade, sipping a cold drink and observing the elephants down by the river. What could be more perfect?


Everything has been designed for your absolute wellbeing. The Sasaab Camp reunites body and soul with nature. A glowing recommendation also goes to the SPASaab down by the river. Choose one of the professional massage or beauty treatments while enjoying the views of the pristine nature all around.


In addition to the sophisticated treatments, the SPASaab also offers yoga and Pilates classes. Balanced atop a rocky outcrop, the restaurant charms your palate with tantalising international and Moroccan treats. « show less


The Sasaab Camp offers its distinguished guests seven superbly luxurious tent chalets and a family tent chalet with two adjoining rooms.


On generous 100 square metres, the suites include a spacious read more » bedroom furnished with a canopy bed draped in precious Egyptian cotton and a vast open-air bathroom with a fantastic rain-shower.


A separate living room and private veranda invite you to unplug after an exciting day spent in the African wilderness. Each tent chalet is fitted with a private pool that invites you to cool off with a view of the river and the bathing elephant herds.


Perfect! What more could you possibly wish for? Experience absolute privacy, uncompromising comforts and refined luxury at the Sasaab Camp in Kenya! « show less


The Sasaab Camp is perfectly located in a region famous for its rich cultural heritage and great species diversity. There is plenty to do!


Set off exploring on a game drive, mounted high atop a swaying read more » camel or on a guided bush hike to get close to the African wildlife. The Samburu National Park proudly houses its very own “Big Five”, the “Samburu Special Five”: the Grévy’s zebra, the Somali Giraffe, the Oryx antelope, the blue-footed Somali ostrich and the giraffe gazelle.


The African bush is a world of exciting exoticness: Listen to the calls of the wildlife, inhale the musky smells and savour the picturesque landscapes. The adventurous may even decide to spend a night in the great outdoors on a camping excursion.


The Sasaab Camp’s most experienced guides accompany you deep into the bush to the most remote places. Together you set up a simple camp in the style of the early settlers out on a hunting expedition. Only a mosquito net separates you from the brilliant African night sky.


Children are most welcome at the Sasaab Camp and are offered a colourful programme that includes fashioning traditional Samburu bows and arrows or a toothbrush out of tree bark. Of course, they can take their memorabilia home, including plaster impressions of wildlife tracks. « show less