Tailor-made Salta and Cafayate Travel Experiences

Pristine Nature & Paradise for Gourmets and Wine Enthusiasts

Cafayate, located in Argentina’s far North West, is the capital city of the Salta province. The region is famous for its vineyards and countless producers open their cellar doors and offer tastings. And then, there are Salta’s bizarre red rock formations that have been weathered by wind and water.


Lush green forests are dotted with crystal-clear, bright blue lakes – towering, snow-tipped mountain peaks forming the scenic backdrop. Perfect for hiking and outdoor adventures! And having tired yourself out in the pristine nature wonderland, then settle down in one of the casual pubs or in a cosy teahouse to enjoy the local gourmet cuisine. Among our recommendations are the tender lamb with fresh mint, the Andes Mountain game and the mountain trout.


Spiced and seasoned according to local traditions, the fine treats will delight even the most discerning gourmet! Natural produce like fresh cheese from cow or goat milk add the finishing touch. And then, of course, a bottle of the excellent local wine perfectly complements the savoury delicacies.


Wine is a more than a tradition here in Salta, it is a lifestyle, a form of art and an economic engine. It is only consequent that a wine museum picks up the theme and elegantly illustrates the history of Argentinian wine production in context with the development of the local population.


Salta City (in the province of the same name) radiates a charming flair boosted by its mountain setting. The twisting alleyways and historic buildings partly date back to colonial days. Most noteworthy are the town hall and the cathedral. Take a leisurely stroll around town and enjoy!


Moreover, Salta is the departure point for one of the world’s most famous train lines. The “tren de los nubes”, the cloud train climbs the Andes Mountains and crosses the spectacular La Polvorilla Bridge.


In the evening, the bustling city quiets down: the Nueve de Julio square is lit by countless lights from the many restaurants and bars offering dinners and drinks. Those looking for a livelier scene may want to try La Balcarce street!


Argentina’s North West is one of those places where time flies, despite its tranquil country flair. Discover long gorges formed by red sandstone, gourmet cuisine, fine wine and charming people – all far from the haunts of mass tourism. Give us a call! It will be a pleasure for our INTOSOL travel consultants to share their enthusiasm with you.

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