Rovos Rail

- Your South Africa Adventure -

A romantic journey through South Africa’s wild heart is waiting for you. Board the Rovos Rail and travel back in time to a past rich with traditions.

The old train will slowly gather speed, pulling out of the station. Gradually you leave the city behind. The impressing natural scenery passes you on your right and left side. Time to close your eyes and dream. However, the journey you just started and the train you are on are not a dream. Enjoy the comforts of one of the two most luxurious trains in the world, be inspired and indulge in the excellent service.

The private rail company does everything to make your holiday as luxurious and unforgettable as possible while travelling along the scenic route. The elegantly decked-out interior and old-fashioned furniture create a special flair. Experience a five-star hotel on iron wheels.

The board restaurant enjoys an outstanding reputation for its sophisticated delicacies. Freshly prepared, the local specialities are culinary temptation par excellence, no matter whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Every new adventurous day starts with a fantastic breakfast. Warm croissants, healthy fruits and yogurt, to name just a few of the options, leave nothing to be desired. Exquisite chinaware, textile napkins and elegant silverware create a stately atmosphere at every meal.

INTOSOL is always on the lookout to find something special for you. Be inspired by the extraordinary and relish the Victorian ambiance in the Rovos Rail. “Everybody on board please!” read more »