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The forgotten Paradise

The adventure starts with the final descent towards the Quirimba Archipelago. The dark blue of the Indian Ocean suddenly changes to opalescent light blue and turquoise hues – colours that are almost too vivid to be real. A magical atmosphere of pristine authenticity is the Quirimba’s strongpoint. Its inhabitants are still in harmony with the gentle rhythm of life and tourism is just a marginal aspect with no overdevelopment in sight. A mere four of the 37 coral islands offer accommodation for visitors. The Quirimba Archipelago is rated a word heritage site and stringently protected by the UNESCO. In the past one hundred years, the islands were virtually undiscovered, seeing very few foreign arrivals and hardly any development. With increasing stability in Mozambique, the Quirimbas have only recently been opened to controlled tourism. The historical seaside city Pemba is traditionally the gateway to the Quirimba Islands. Pemba sports a long and colourful history. Many years the Portuguese used the city as a trading post before the Arabs took over many centuries later. It is situated on one of the world’s largest natural bays. Travelling to the Quirimbas means leaving the throb of civilisation far behind. Despite the heavenly slow life and serene tranquillity, refined luxuries are nevertheless available. The hotel islands Vamizi, Matemo, Quilálea and Medjumbe feature every comfort a discerning globetrotter might expect. The Quirimbas are a natural paradise for divers. Apart from the magnificent beaches, the islands feature a mostly uncharted underwater wonder world. Every diver is pioneer and explorer. Up until recently, the islands could only be reached from the coast and regular dives are a novelty. In spite of the island’s tropical location, a local ocean current has so far saved the Quirimba coral reefs from the worldwide phenomenon coral bleaching. Those who have experience, for example, the Maldives as a diving destination will attest to this fact. Depending on the season, many large fish and other sea mammals are present around the islands. Sharks, manta rays and even whale sharks may all be spotted. Locals often call the Quirimbas the Dolphin Islands. Countless of the friendly mammals are encountered in the archipelago’s waters and with some luck spotted on a diving or snorkelling trip. Apart from the countless options on and beneath the waves, the Mozambiquean hinterland featuring wild African nature reserves is also worth a trip. There is a lot to see!
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good to know

Best season

April until November


by airplane (Pemba, POL)


a lot of desert Islands, mangrove, white sands beaches and coral reefs


diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayak, seeling


Quirimbas National Park is the biggest marine park in Africa, unique snorkeling and diving opportunities

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