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A Piece of Paradise on Earth

Phant Thiet is an upcoming holiday seaside town nestling on both sides of the Phan Thiet River sporting a charming fishing harbour. Moreover, it is the capital of the Binh Thuan province in the south of Vietnam’s central coast at about 200 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City. Early birds may enjoy a magic moment at sunrise when numerous fishing boats return from their night’s work and spread out their catch on the shore for drying. The sardines are the prime ingredient for Vietnam’s popular and delicious fish sauce. There is so much so see: several metres high white and red sand dunes, lush green forests and white, endlessly long sand beaches lined by green palm trees on the crystal-clear South China Sea – a piece of paradise on Earth! However, one bay takes the trophy for being the most beautiful of them all! At a distance of some twenty minutes lies wonderful Mui Ne. It is a quiet yet wonderfully picturesque fishing village set on a pristine beach and a shallow bay. The lush and intact nature as well as the warm, pleasant climate year-round make it the perfect beach destination! Most days, a gentle ocean breeze takes the edge out of the tropical sun’s strength. More than that, on some days the breeze picks up considerable strength, turning Mui Ne into a hotspot for windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts. The sun-kissed coast is bordered by Vietnam´s unique desert landscapes that boast a spectacular setting especially at sunset. The white and red sand dunes glow bright in the day´s last light and are strongly reminiscent of the African Sahara. Some of the dunes are up to 50 metres high and can best be explored with a sturdy 4x4. Once at the top, a plastic mat is all you need for an exhilarating ride back down the sandy slope. The white dunes hold a special surprise in store: Hidden between towering walls of sand, three small lakes are covered in Lotus flowers – an oasis perfect for loosing yourself in a daydream. At some distance, south-west of Phan Thiet, lies the Tà Cú Mountain. A cable car climbs up through lush green forests and exotic vegetation. A flight of stairs leads up the last few metres and ends at the feet of the Buddhist Tà Cú Pagoda. Just above the pagoda you will find the famous, lying-down, white Buddha statue – the largest in all the country. And after having let your eyes feast on the sight looking up, turn around and let them rest gazing down upon the magnificent panorama unfolding all around. The Ca Ty River´s most prominent landmark is certainly the water tower of the same name. It is of great symbolic importance for the Binh Thua Province and was once designed by a prince from Laos. The uppermost part of the octagonal building still serves in its original function as a water storage tank. However, it is not until the night that the water tower unfolds its full beauty, when it is highlighted by numerous beams of light in all the colours of the rainbow. Located between the beaches Mui Nes and Phan Thiet, the Po-Shanu Towers are among the oldest standing relicts from the Cham Culture. They were originally built in honour of Queen Po-Shanu. In addition to this, they boast a spectacular view out over Phan Thiet City. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to wonderful Vietnam in all its breathtaking diversity. It will be a pleasure for the INTOSOL travel consultants to provide their invaluable advice and to lend you a hand in taking care of the travel arrangements.
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November until April (all-seasons)


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desert landscape, lush forests, beautiful beaches


bathing, water sports, spa, sightseeing


Mui Ne Bay, Po-Shanu-Towers, Tà Cú mountain with cable railway

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