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Welcome to North Italy – land of cultural diversity, natural beauty and unrestrained Italian lust for life! Lombardy, Piedmont, South Tyrol, Liguria, Veneto or Emilia-Romagna … the ring of the names alone carries a promise of elegance and refined Italian savoir-vivre. North Italy is superb for a number of quite different holiday styles year-round: A romantic skiing holiday in the Alps, a honeymoon in Venice, a city trip to the fashion and art metropolis Milan or a spa holiday at one of North Italy's scenic lakes. Talk to our experienced team of travel consultants if you are looking for a luxurious and unique experience in North Italy. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to places of exceptional beauty combined with the region's most celebrated luxury hotels!


Venice & Veneto

Veneto – a name with a long history that speaks of mesmerising beauty located between the Dolomite Mountains and the bright blue Adriatic Sea. Of course, the crowning jewel is the world-famous city Venice. Venice is the perfect destination for couples in love! Glide down the Canal Grande in a private gondola: past soaring palaces built on the wings of former might and wealth, underneath beautifully arched bridges, past countless scenes you might recall from movies or just settle down on the Piazza San Marco for a Cafe Italiano. The lagoon city Venice boasts a unique set of signature elements: the exciting over-the-water architecture, the lagoon setting, the wealth of historic buildings and a fascinating history. Quite naturally, the scenery has sparked the creation of sensational luxury hotels. Of course, Veneto has a lot more to offer than “just” Venice: Cortina d'Ampezzo and Val Boite boast superb skiing in the Dolomite Mountains. And Abano, Montegrotto and Battaglia are renowned as world-class thermal springs, spa and wellness destinations. Or walk along the path of desperate love in the Julia and Romeo city Verona for a closer look at the most fabled balcony in literature. Rest assured: Those travelling on a romantic getaway may enjoy the romantic flair without the terminal drama. Come and see for yourself! Both Italian love and love for Italy frequently have their beginning in Veneto!


South Tyrol

Italy's northernmost region on the sunny side of the Alps is often termed “Gateway to the South”. However, much more than a gate to pass through, South Tyrol offers a mild climate, lush vegetation and a stunning mountain scenery in the Dolomites. South Tyrol's magic lies in its contrasts. Send some snow flying on the ski runs high up in the mountains and, later, drive down to the the lower valleys like Meran, Bozen or Brixen for the Mediterranean flair. Moreover, South Tyrol is located at the juncture of three cultures overlapping: Where Italian, German and Ladin influences all mingle and complement themselves, the cuisine boasts some unique specialities. And the natural pantry is well stocked. The lush valley offers fertile soil and just the right climate for vineyards and orchards. If you can, visit the region in autumn, when the harvest season is in full swing and the weather mild and wonderful. The sun hanging low in the sky still has strength and casts a gold glow on the picturesque landscapes. Keep a pair of hiking boots handy and dine and wine your way through the valley. But beware: Many visitors become addicted, returning year after year to these rich lands.



Lombardy encompasses vast stretches of beautiful countryside that include peaks in the Alps just as much as the Po River plains in the South. Variety par excellence: laid-back mountain villages, the undulating hills building up to form the mountains, glittering lakescapes and towns exploding with arts and culture! Livigno and Bormio are two internationally acclaimed skiing resorts that excite even the most dedicated winter sports enthusiast. Those in search of supreme relaxation and romantic flair, will be delighted by the larger lakes like Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Iseo. Lombardy has it all. Relish the mild climate and countless hours of sunshine, the lush gardens and well-kept parks, ski runs and deep blue lakes – all combined with some of the finest hotels in the world. And then, what would Lombardy be without its culture, arts and fashion metropolis Milan? Of course, a longer Italy holiday will always be preferable, but should you unfortunately be bound by other obligations: Milan is just perfect for a short city trip! Explore Lombardy capital's many artistic and cultural highlights. Despite the many modern trends, Milan's central landmark still is the Milan cathedral. Those who brave the climb to the roof are rewarded with a stunning view of the city. In Milan, you can hardly take more than two steps without coming across a legendary work of art. Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting The Last Supper is exhibited at the Renaissance church Santa Maria delle Grazie. Your second day, however, is best dedicated to shopping. Fashion Mecca Milan boasts the latest styles and trends. Quite naturally, every Italian and most international designers run a boutique store in Milan. Competition is fierce and the shops are extravagantly decorated and perfectly located in the Via Monte Napoleone. Stroll in and out of the boutiques until you have found just the right dress to have you looking ravishing at night. Time to enjoy the Milan nightlife!



Piedmont in the North-West of Italy is apparently tucked away in a quiet corner... which is true. However, the secret is out: In 2006 Piedmont hosted the Olympic Winter Games. Piedmont has little bits of the best bits: The scenic landscapes reach from soaring mountain ranges to picture-perfect lakes like Lago Maggiore and some of the most beautiful parts of the lush Po River plains. Set off exploring! Your appetites for scenery and culture are easily enough satisfied. And certainly the same holds true for the superb cuisine. Piedmont specialities enjoy an excellent international reputation. Gourmets will delight over the celebrated wines that include the Barolo and the Muscat. Moreover, Alba is the home of the exquisite white truffle. Vercelli, a fact that often comes as a surprise, is one of Europe's major rice-growing regions. A little further down the road, Novara is known for the strong-tasting cheese speciality Gorgonzola. Those that rather like it sweet will be pleased by Turin's countless trattorias and cafés, which specialise in sweet sins and hazelnut chocolates. Turin has flair: A city where the rich, famous and powerful of old used to gather, it does not only boast Baroque architecture but also a cosy and welcoming ambience. Saunter past palaces, through neatly kept parks and across Piazzas to discover the quiet charms of Piedmont!



Famed and fabled, exclusive and elegant – Liguria's beautiful seaside towns are the region's trademark and one of Italy's most celebrated destination for a relaxing stay on the sea with abundant options for hiking, sight-seeing and gourmet dining. Liguria nestles between two mountain ranges and the Ligurian Sea: the Alpes in the North-west and the Apennine's in the South-east. In fact, Liguria runs along the coast like a narrow strip, which offers a mild and sunny climate that also makes it a perfect destination in winter. The landscape is spectacular and in more than one place it may even be called bizarre: Precipitous cliffs drop down to the glittering water, framed by soaring mountains. Around the next corner, you come across a picturesque bay and a number of quaint fishing villages clinging to the rocky coastline. However, continue driving along the coast and you will discover the white and palm-tree fringed beaches between the vibrant harbour city Genoa and the seaside resort Imperia. It is the perfect region for a spot of sun, sand and sea – especially the kids will be thrilled! A holiday in Liguria would be incomplete without a tour of Genoa. The Ligurian capital stretches out along the coast for more than 35 kilometres. Genoa is a maze of bridges, tunnels, elevators and rack-and-pinion railways. The mountains meet the sea in Genoa. Spectacular views come included! The old town is a combination of narrow alleys, awe-inspiring historic monuments and palaces. And on a different day, take a scenic drive east along the Riviera di Levante for yet another impression of Liguria's many beautiful facets. Of course, the elegant region offers luxuries par excellence. The Tigullio Gulf, Santa Margherita Ligure or even the small, all pedestrian fishing village Portofino all offer superb accommodation and finest dining. Alternatively, you may also leave Genoa headed west. Again, you will stumble upon romantic seaside towns and pristine natural beauty. So... what are you waiting for? Time to enjoy the Italian sun on your face and the Italian gourmet cuisine on you palate!

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