North Island Private Island Resort

North Island


From the moment you first set foot onto North Island you will be under the “island of a thousand palm tree’s” charm. North Island is the archetype of a tropical pirate hideaway featuring blindingly white beaches, hidden bays and a breathtaking beauty that has been generally dished out to every nook and cranny.


Quite fittingly, the resort has been constructed using only natural materials. The palm-leaf thatched roofs are supported by unmilled trunks gracefully illuminated from below at night, read more » adding extra flair to your pirate villa.


Each villa’s private pool has been stylishly set into the spacious timber deck and comes equipped with a counter current system.


The island projecting its wildly romantic ambience, the North Island Resort’s villas pick up the image skilfully, however, without sacrificing even an ounce of luxury.


Each villa offers more than 500 square metres to spread out. The distinguished guests will enjoy a special experience not offered by any other hotel on the face of the earth. The resort’s service matches the facilities’ luxury in every sense: More than 150 staff member take perfect care of their 22 guests!


The service truly is extremely outstanding! Strolling down the beach, you might chat to a staff member and incidentally mention you plan to use the large, natural stone bathtub later that day. Well, arriving back at your villa at night, you can count on finding a candlelit bathroom, champagne and exquisite chocolates waiting for you by the lovingly decorated, filled tub. Time to soak in the water and enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean below.


Your privacy is a first priority on North Island. A specially appointed “Villa-Master” attends to each guest’s individual needs, desires and wishes. All meals are prepared with the chef’s suggestion and according to each guest’s particular taste.


Either you may choose to dine in the refined ambience of your private villa or, should you desire to mingle with other guests, in the comfortable restaurant. International and local specialities are prepared to perfection and seasoned with a stunning view.


The guest’s comfort comes first! On North Island, despite the exclusive nature of the resort, no dress codes are required. The atmosphere is refreshingly relaxed and you are perfectly right to walk to the restaurant bare-footed or dressed casually.


A range of superior facilities rounds off North Island’s luxurious guest services. A bar and a lounge, a well-stocked library with internet access, a swimming pool beautifully set into the natural rock and with a breathtaking view of the bay below as well as a first-rate wellness and fitness centre await the guest’s visit.


The operating company running the North Island Resort is none other than the acclaimed Wilderness Safaris. Nature conservation is one of the company’s primary concerns. An extensive program has been launched to protect the island’s pristine nature with special attention being devoted to the Seychelles’ tortoises.


Wilderness Safaris’ profound experience gained in Botswana and Namibia with constructing and running luxury resorts and safari lodges becomes clearly apparent on North Island. Viewed from afar, North Island shows no signs of being inhabited, much less housing a luxury resort, so skilfully have the installations been integrated into the natural backdrop.


The Intosol team has enjoyed the opportunity to personally experience North Island. Especially, the individual, attentive and in every sense perfect service is outstanding. North Island easily holds its position among the world’s most remarkable luxury lodgings.


Naturally, excellence has its price. One of the most luxurious and most expensive accommodation options on the Seychelles, North Island’s villas sell for more than 3500 Euros per night.


Of course, you are buying value with your money and every minute spent on the island justifies the expensive price tag. North Island is unique in every sense – the nature, the resort’s concept and the service. Paradise par excellence!


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North Island offers only superior accommodation. Words can hardly do the resort’s villas justice – they have to be experienced.


The Presidential Villas numbered One through to Nine harmonically read more » close ranks with the natural vegetation lining the bank and overlooking the strikingly beautiful beach Anse d’Est. Each villa has been appointed its private plot of land with direct access to the beach.


The villas open architecture, featuring genuine tree trunks as the supporting elements, betrays the Wilderness’ safari background. Cleverly designed lighting and large glass fronts infuse the luxury retreat with both an elegant and adventurous ambience.


The spacious interior includes not only two bedrooms and a generous private pool deck but also a semi-enclosed lounge with a large, panoramic bathtub commanding a spectacular view of the ocean.


Each unit is furthermore equipped with eight different theme showers guaranteeing a most exceptional bathing experience. Massages carried out by hands as professional as they are caring, can be enjoyed in the villa’s private massage parlour.


An Island Buggy is parked in front of your villa 24/7 and reserved for your private use only. Remember, should you require anything, the Villa Master is dedicated to providing the best possible service and regards impossible missions as a challenge.


Villa number 10 and 11’s setting is beautiful beyond words. Hugging the undulating hills in the far north of Anse D’Est beach, they lie hidden among the primal Takamaka forest. The view down on the bay is spectacular and the villa’s architecture simply striking.


Carrying the proud names Villa Royale and Villa North Island, the two island palaces feature two bedrooms: the main bed-chamber and a secondary bedroom which, upon your request, can also be converted into an office with internet connection.


The bed and dressing rooms are fully air-conditioned and feature oversized beds, a seating area, TV and a DVD/CD player. Apart from a spacious, elegant marble-furnished bathroom equipped with indoor and outdoor showers and double washbasins, facilities include a separate toilet and bidet. Amateur cooks will be pleased to learn that the living and dining room features a small kitchen.


The villa’s second bedroom, naturally, also features a private bathroom. According to the distinguished guest’s needs, it may be used as a guest bedroom, an office or a reading room.


Stepping outside, the 200 square metres sun deck is overwhelming. A private pool, washbasins, an open-air shower, seating area, lounge chairs and covered day bed await your wholehearted sun-bathing devotion. If you choose to walk down to the beach… it lies just 50 metres away.


Accommodation on North Island … Unanimously, it deserves top-marks, straight As with special honours!


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North Island’s wellness facilities offer an astounding range of exceptional treatments focused on restoring a balanced life. The concept “Simply Barefoot” illuminates the path to a reencounter with read more » life’s simple, pure delights.


All treatments have been developed to integrate North Island’s stimulating beauty. Body and soul are transported to re-experience long forgotten or seldom enjoyed sensations with great relaxing and revitalising properties.


The products which are being applied at the wellness centre have been especially selected for their natural ingredients and textural qualities (smooth, creamy, grainy, light, rich etc.). Each guest’s special needs are evaluated and treatments personalised to maximise both effect and comfort.


North Island offers a host of exciting water sports options and divers will feel like a child on Christmas Morning. The Seychelles form a section of the world’s longest coral reef. Divers of all backgrounds rave about the fantastic sites around North Island and the neighbour island Silhouette.


Plenty of sites situated around the two islands are also perfect for snorkelling. Masks and fins are available at the dive centre. Those who would like to explore the island’s underwater world can take a sea kayak out to the reef, join guided tours or learn how to dive.


A comprehensively equipped and air-conditioned fitness studio robs you of all excuses not to train while on holiday. It is located near the resort’s main pool. A fleet of bicycles allow the guests to explore the entire island at an easy pace.


Fly fishing is a very special activity well-worth experiencing. The required equipment is available at the resort. North Island has everything you can imagine and more.


To draw a conclusion: High-end luxury but nevertheless a supremely relaxing holiday.


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