Southern Namib & Luderitz –

Fascinating Vastness

Namibia has many faces. The keen traveller who seeks to understand the deep fascination the country emanates, will sooner or later guide his feet to the awe-inspiring southern Namib Desert. The South features magnificent sights like the immense Fish River Canyon, second in size only to the Grand Canyon, the rugged expanse of the desert and the quaint seaside town Luderitz, formerly the first colonial settlement in Namibia. The southern Namib and the tranquil village Aus radiate an exotically arresting flair. Those who have witnessed the sun rise above the vast desert and have listened to the birds’ song merrily welcoming the new day cannot help but fall in love with this land so full of character. In spite of the harsh appearance, life is abundant in the desert. The beautiful wild horses roaming the Namib never cease to charm the visitor with their untamed, soaring spirit. Departing from Klein-Aus Vista at sunset, Piet Swiegers drives guests out to the approximately 150 wild horses which have inhabited the desert for many decades now. They were introduced to the area by German colonial armed forces and lost in the commotions of World War One. The horses’ survival in the harsh region is a small scientific sensation which has been at the focus of biologists from all over the world. An information centre in Aus explains the research results to interested visitors. Where the harsh Namib Desert meets the churning Atlantic, the colonial town Luderitz nestles between the hills and dunes. Namibia connoisseurs appreciate Luderitz for the abundant historic evidence left of the colonial past under German custody. The open-eyed visitor strolls past Art Nouveau and Wilhelmian buildings dwarfed by the protestant stone church dating back to 1911 – all in the middle of Africa. These days, the small town’s principal industries are diamond mining and fishery. The cold Atlantic Benguela current supports incredibly large fish populations as well as oysters and crayfish. The small harbour is alive with the dealings of fishermen and vendors and countless restaurants have specialised on pampering visitors with fresh seafood specialities. In Luderitz, a popular excursion is a trip to Kolmanskop, a ghost town deep in the desert and half-swallowed by the relentless sand. As early as 1908, Alfred Luderitz started mining the area for diamonds. A short time later, a small township complete with a casino, school and hospital was founded. 1000 kilograms of the precious stones were raised before World War I. However, in later years, the mines became uneconomical and the township radically declined to become what it is today. A guided tour introduces you to the eerie town. Cooking utensils are still placed on stoves ready for use and faded curtains billow in the breeze. It is a stirring and unforgettable experience and trip back in time to the colonial days. Something unique, not found anywhere else!
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Best season

April until November


light aircraft or car


Lüderitz as former German city


food, walking, hiking

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